iPhone 6s Battery issues and Battery Drain Problems


Fix iPhone 6s Battery issue

iphone 6s battery issues: If one of your iPhone 6s problems is battery issues don’t rush to Apple Care immediately. I know it is frustrating when your iPhone can’t even stand 10-12 hours with internet. This issue is not there with all iPhones but it is occurring in a special series. Also, for some users who have upgraded their iPhone to ioS 11, battery is draining like hell. So let’s see what you can do in order to solve iPhone 6s battery issues.

There are programming issues which causes iPhone 6s battery issues. Programming bugs will require help installation of software again while equipment issues require supplanting some part of your iPhone 6. These exercises will be performed by the Apple i Care also you can see iphone 6 touch screen not working and how to get rid of these issues. So, if your iPhone 6 is having battery issues then don’t directly visit customer care. Perform beneath straightforward advances.

iphone 6s battery issues

In 90% of the cases these work and your iPhone battery issues will be resolved. Let’s look at solutions. With this we can also solve when my iphone 6 won’t turn on or its screen went black and is not opening.

Fixing iPhone 6s battery issues and drain problems

If you are facing the iphone 6s battery life issues you need to follow the below methods and fix the issues with your device. These are some of the most common problems that are solved over here. Simply have a look at them.

1. Wait for a while

Sometimes when you have restored your iPhone 6s from backup or if you have upgraded your iPhone 6s to ioS 11, it can happen. When restore or upgrade has just been finished all apps, photos and content will be downloading in background. WI-FI stays on for a long time for downloading all stuff. When your processor is working in background then iPhone 6s battery life will be decreased. Here what you can do is to wait for your processor to complete all things. If the same issue persists even after 2-3 days then it is a case of concern. In that case, you have to carry your iPhone 6s to Apple Care. They will help in improving the battery life iPhone 6s.

2. Run in stand-by mode

If your iPhone 6s battery drains fast then run your iPhone in stand-by mode. You can judge whether your iPhone 6s s running properly or not by running it in stand-by mode. When you will do that, you will get to know that how much percentage is getting reduced when you are not using browser or Siri. This will give you clear picture that your battery life of iPhone 6s has some issues or not. In standby if much reduction in percentage won’t be there then your battery don’t have many issues. IPhone 6 battery issues will be intermittent only.

3. Restart your iPhone

In the event that iPhone6s battery problem is increasing day by day then I know how frustrating it is. It occurred for me too when my iPhone 6 battery was draining like hell and I was so worried. You had a go at supplanting your charger and its link. It didn’t work for you then you can take a stab at restarting your iPhone 6.

You should hold its on/off key for a few seconds. On the off chance that your iPhone 6 is now on then it will request that you to off your iPhone or if it is ON then it will request you to off your iPhone 6. Turn it on and off 2 times. In around 30% of the cases it work however at times it don’t work when there is a major programming glitch found in your iPhone 6.

4. Reset your iPhone

In the event that restarting your iPhone is isn’t helpful and still your iPhone 6s battery drain is there then you should now make a decent attempt to reset your iPhone 6s. In maximum cases Hard reset works. It is like ordinary reset yet alongside that it will clear gadget’s memory. We should now look at steps which you need to perform keeping in mind the end goal is to do hard reset your iPhone 6.

  • You need to hold the on/off key and volume key for around 10 seconds.
  • If your iPhone is ON then your iPhone’s screen will go off. Again keep pressing those keys and your iPhone will start again.
  • Once your iPhone has been rebooted check whether battery drain still exists or not.
  • If battery life on iPhone 6s is reducing then you have to contact Apple customer care for more information.

5. Usage checking

What you can do is to check your iPhone’s usage. In this you will be able to see which apps and processes are using your battery. For checking usage you have to follow below steps.

  • Click on Settings.
  • Click again on Battery.
  • Battery usage option will be populated in few seconds. So, wait for that to be populated.
  • Then tap on Show detailed usage.
  • Then you can click on Last 7 days to have to broader look at consumption which is used by other processes.
  • For not allowing some apps to use battery you can double click on home button and then you can swipe to app which you want to exit.
  • Then you can flick it off and it will not be using your battery now.
  • If iPhone 6s battery life sucks now also, then look for customer care help.

6. Maintain good battery health

If it is extreme summer, try not leaving your iPhone 6 under direct sunlight. Also, if it is extreme winters try not leaving your iPhone under direct Sun or heater. These activities will increase your batter’s life. Also, when you go for sleep in night try to use a low power and a slow charger. If you will use a fast charger then it will result in more heat from battery which will in turn reduce your batter’s life. In night you should go for a slow charger in order to maintain iPhone’s good battery health. A good battery health means good health of yours as well. Hope this will solve iPhone 6s battery problems.

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So, now when you know what things you have to do in order to improve your iPhone 6s battery issues and drain. Perform these things and try to correct your iPhone 6s battery life issue. Don’t rush immediately to Customer care but at first try to figure out the things. If all the above steps did not work for you, then there is needed to go to Customer Care to look for software and hardware glitches. All the best!!

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