iPhone 6 won’t turn On Screen Went Black issue Solved


Fix iPhone 6 Not Turning ON

Your iPhone is not turning on and you are really tensed ? Now, you are looking for ways for how to turn on iPhone 6. I know how frustrating it is when your iPhone 6 screen went black and then your iPhone 6 won’t turn on. First of all don’t worry. We will find a panacea for this problem as well. I had also encountered such a problem when my iPhone 6 won’t turn on then, I first looked for lightning cable.

You must replace it with another lightning cable and check whether your iPhone starts charging with another lightning cable. Also look for charger also. Charger can also be corrupted. Try replacing charger with someone’s charger and see if your iPhone is now normal or not. Check if your iphone 6 wont power on or is iphone 6 not turning on.

iphone 6 won't turn on

These are hardware of software issues which causes iPhone 6 not turning on. Software bugs will need help installation of software again while hardware issues need replacing some component of your iPhone 6. These activities will be performed by the service centre. But as of now if your iPhone 6 will not turn on then don’t directly visit service centre. Perform below simple steps. In 90% of the cases these steps works and your iPhone is back to normal. In worst case you then carry it to service centre.

My iPhone 6 won’t turn on

Here are some of the issues that can be checked by you to fix iphone went black and wont turn on, so before going to service center and checking all those, simply follow these steps once nd solve iphone screen went black won’t turn on. These methods were working and are used by many of our users.

1. Charge your iPhone

You should first charge your iPhone if iPhone 6 not turning on. Charging will solve multiple problems. Somethings battery drain is the reason why your iPhone 6 doesn’t turn on. Also, you can plug your iPhone 6 to the laptop with the help of data cable. Then leave it for about 20 mins. If it starts charging that means there is some issue with your charger or charger’s cable. You can even try replacing the charger and lightning cable with other. In most of the times battery drain the reason why your iPhone 6 turned off and won’t turn on.

iphone 6 screen went black

2. Restart iPhone

If iPhone6 won’t turn on then I know how frustrating it is. It happened for me as well when my iPhone 6 won’t turn on and I was so worriedYou tried replacing your charger and its cable. It did not work for you then you can try restarting your iPhone 6. You should hold its on/off key for some seconds. If your iPhone 6 is already On then it will ask you to off your iPhone or else if it is ON then it will ask you to off your iPhone 6. Turn it on and off 2 times.
In about 30% of the cases it work but sometimes it don’t work when there is a big software glitch found in your iPhone 6. In that case you can try following the below steps but it would be better if you will take your iPhone 6 to service centre. They will help you in resolving your iPhone 6 glitch.
my iphone 6 won't turn on

3. Hard reset

If restarting your iPhone is is not helpful and still your iPhone 6 will not turn on. You should now try doing hard reset your iPhone 6. In most of the cases Hard reset works. It is similar to normal reset but along with that it will clear device’s memory. Let’s see what steps you have to perform in order to do hard reset your iPhone 6.
  • You have to hold the on/off key and home button for about 10 seconds.
  • If your iPhone 6 don’t turn on even after pressing both keys for 10 seconds then we have to look for major software or hardware glitches.
  • If slider appeared then hold the buttons for 5 seconds more.
  • White apple logo will pop up and then your iPhone 6 will start. This is the one of the happiest moment when your iPhone starts because of hard reset.
  • But in some cases it also don’t work then proceed to other steps and don’t worry that “ Why won’t my iPhone 6 turn on”.

4. Restoring to Factory Settings

Last option is to restore your iPhone 6 to Factory Settings as it will erase all data and restore to old settings in your iPhone. Let’s see what steps you have perform in order to restore iPhone to Factor settings.

  • Plug in the iPhone’s cable and connect it to lightning Connector Port .
  • Now press Home button.
  • When you have held the home button then plug the other end of cable in your computer.
  • This is going to open iTunes in your computer and then put your iPhone in recovery mode.
  • In maximum cases it solves the problem but if your iPhone 6 won’t power on then try running iPhone 6 in DFU mode which is explained below.

5. Starting iPhone in DFU Mode

If you have jail break your iPhone and after that it is not working properly then maybe your iPhone 6 is not able to boot up properly. In that case you have to start your iPhone 6 I DFU mode and then look whether now booting is proper or not. Let’s look at steps involved.

  • Plug you iPhone in the computer.
  • Press the on/off button for about 3 seconds.
  • Now again hold the on/off button and home button for about 10 seconds. Now you have to release the on/ off button but keep holding the home button for another 5 seconds.
  • If black screen comes so you are in DFU mode. Instructions will appear on screen which you have to follow so that your iPhone 6 can turn on.

6. Proximity Sensor Glitch

Sometimes your iPhone 6 don’t turn on because of proximity sensor. Proximity sensor decreases iPhone’s light so much that you start feeling that your iPhone 6 isn’t turned on. What you have to do in this case is to perform the below steps.

  • Press the home and on/ off key in order to start your iPhone.
  • Then go to Settings and then to General.
  • From there go to Reset and there select reset all settings.
  • Your iPhone’s screen will become fine again.

7. iTunes Error

If in case iphone screen went black wont turn on then the last error that is to be solved is using the itunes error, in order to fix this error you need to follow the below steps carefully:

  • First upgrade to the latest version of itunes.
  • Reboot your pc or computer
  • Restore iphone with a different cable or use with another pc.
  • Force your iPhone to restart.

When you are doing this process and you have the apple logo issues like apple logo appears red or blue then try the below method:

  • Connect your iphone to pc.
  • Open itunes.
  • Force your iphone to recovery mode.
  • Restart device.
  • Your issue will be cleared.


So, now after following above steps I wish your iPhone 6 must have turned on. Now you know how to turn on iPhone 6. If above steps did not work for you it is better if you take away the phone to service centre and they will clear iphone 6 screen won’t turn on issues. All the best !!

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