How To Fix Hulu Not Working On Firestick

hulu not working on firestick

Hulu is an on-demandĀ  USĀ  subscription video streaming service that is developed and maintained by the Walt Disney Company, as an equity stack holder with Comcast’s NBCUniversal. The outstanding streaming services and the content makes Hulu more popular. There are some glitches with the service, similar to any other devices, applications, or software. If you … Read more

How to Fix Firestick Keeps Restarting {Working Methods}

firestick keeps restarting

If your firestick keeps restarting, then it might be caused due to the following reasons like was]ear and tear of the micro USB cable, inadequate power supply of the hardware, and many more. As we know Amazon firestick is an amazing gadget that helps you to stream your favorite movies, TV shows on the App … Read more

Altice Remote Blinking And Not Responding

Altice remote blinking

Altice remote blinking or optimum remote blinking? Some of the users reported that they are encountering the problem that the lights are flashing repeatedly. If you have encountered this problem this is because as your batteries are low, the Altice remote is blinking. In short, the light will keep on blinking as your batteries are … Read more

How To Fix Airpod Case Not Charging Issues

Airpod Case not Charging

Airpod case not charging? This is one of the common issues that most of the Airpod users reported that their AirPods are not working. There are some sorts of bugs in the Apple Airpods, that may cause premature battery drainage. Its reason for the cause is unknown. It simply shows the incorrect battery percentage or … Read more

How To Fix PS4 Beeping 3 Times and Ejecting Disk

ps4 beeping

PS4 beeping constantly! why does my ps4 keep beeping? How can we fix this issue? For all such queries, you are going to get a perfect solution over here. Before learning the methods, let’s learn a brief overview of PS4. PS4 also called PlayStation4, through which you can play tons of interesting games and enhance … Read more

How To Fix PS4 Error CE-34878-0 in Play Stations

ps4 error ce-34878-0

Are you playing PlayStation4 or PlayStation5? Do you face an error so-called PS4 Error CE-34878-0? If yes, how to fix it? Do you have any idea? If yes, no problem. But if now, we are here to explain this error and corresponding fixes in detail. Usually, the ps5 or ps4 error CE-34878-0 referred to as … Read more

iPhone 6 Touch Screen Not Working Fix the issue


iPhone 6 Screen Not Working iphone 6 touch screen not working: iPhone 6 is no doubt one of the most expensive phones but you will be surprised to know that there are screen issues in iPhone 6 which is very dis-heartening and can make your iPhone 6 screen freezes. The touch issue is irritating people … Read more