Can you Play PS2 Games on PS4


Can you Play PS2 games on PS4: PS4 emulates PS2 games

Want to know can you play ps2 games on ps4. Then you are at the right place. The PS4 is already capable of emulating PS2 games and we are so calm here. The company has confirmed in Wired that it is working on emulation technology that allows it to bring PS2 games to PS4, but has not wanted to give more details.

The funny thing is that, on the other hand, there is a pack of PS4 with the ‘Star Wars Battlefront’ that includes four classic games of ‘Star Wars’, three of which are PS2. and run under emulation. Why is not Sony shouting this from the rooftops? Also most of us want to know Can you Play PS3 Games on PS4. You can simply check from us.

Can you Play PS2 Games on PS4

In Digital Foundry they have been testing these games (‘Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter’, ‘Star Wars: Racer Revenge’ and ‘Star Wars: Bounty Hunter’, the fourth is the ‘Super Star Wars’ of SNES ), which come in form of downloadable code included in the aforementioned special PS4 pack of ‘Star Wars Battlefront’ , and have enough evidence to ensure that, effectively, they are games that work under a PS2 emulator on PS4.

Is PS2 Games Played on PS4

The highlights of the first analysis carried out by Digital Foundry with the first PS2 games emulated on PS4 are these:

  • The Start and Select buttons are mapped on either side of the DualShock 4 trackpad and it turns out that third parties can not access the operating system of the console to do this.
  • As in the PS2 emulator on PS3, in this case a system that emulates the PS2 memory cards is executed.
  • Each time one of these games is started, the PlayStation 2 logo rescaled appears.
  • All the messages on the screen about buttons to press refer to the command of the PS2.
  • The titles of PS2 had all kinds of resolutions, although 512×448 and 640×448 were the most common. The emulator seems to offer a native resolution of 1292×896, with two black bands at the top and bottom of the screen to reach 1080p.
  • The visual quality of the games seems to have been substantially improved and they move more smoothly.

Emulation is not the same as retrocompatibility

The arrival of an emulator of these characteristics to PS4 is quite fat and I ask again why there are already three games that make use of this system, although it is not the final, and Sony has not made any kind of announcement in a big way . It is also unclear to what extent the arrival of Xbox One backward compatibility has been able to influence Sony’s strategy in this regard.

What we must emphasize is that we are faced with two very different systems . What Microsoft has done is offer the opportunity to play Xbox 360 games directly in both physical and digital formats directly on Xbox One. Just have the originals to continue enjoying them in the new console at no additional cost.

The proposal of Sony, unless the company decides to give a gigantic turn to their plans in an act of madness, happens to charge for these classic emulates . Taking into account a service like PlayStation Now , where you have to pay to access PS3 games in streaming, it would be a bit strange that with PS2 titles the focus will change enough to offer backward compatibility to Microsoft or Nintendo style. Everything points to the fact that PS2 games can be bought on the PSN to be downloaded and played on PS4 thanks to the new emulation system.

We will have to wait until Sony decides to explain everything in detail. The first news about emulation on PS4 came at the beginning of last year and look, here we are with three perfectly playable PS2 ‘Star Wars’ games on your new console and the company stating that you are working on it and that you do not have Nothing more to say for now.


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