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iPhone 6 Screen Not Working

iphone 6 touch screen not working: iPhone 6 is no doubt one of the most expensive phones but you will be surprised to know that there are screen issues in iPhone 6 which is very dis-heartening and can make your iPhone 6 screen freezes. The touch issue is irritating people a lot and they are now looking for touch screen solution of iphone 6 touch screen not working. I know you have bought iPhone 6 after many problems and it is time for you to fix your iPhone 6 not working as there are touch screen issues with iPhone 6 and also other issues like iphone 6 won’t turn on and screen went black etc.

There can be many reasons why touch screen is not working. One of them can be poor quality of screen protector, sweaty fingers and jailbreak. Sometimes it happens because of apps. You should un-install those apps so that your iPhone can run properly. Also, you should not wear gloves if you want to use your iPhone with ease. Even you should try replacing screen protector as it must have gone old till now. In worst case you can try rebooting your iPhone 6. You can try holding on/off button for about 10 minutes and then start your iPhone 6.

iphone 6 screen not working

If these things did not work for you and iPhone screen’s glitchy, then you can try fixing iPhone 6 with some other solutions. There are many solutions which can help us in solving the iPhone 6 touch screen not working issues. Below are few solutions and that worked for majority of people. These solutions can really solve your iPhone6 screen not working problem and can make your iPhone 6 really well again. Let’s have a look at them.

Fix if your iPhone 6 touch screen not working

In case if your iphone 6 touch screen is not working then you can simply fix the issues by following the methods provided here.

Restoring your iPhone 6

The first solution to all iPhone 6 screen issues is trying restoring your iPhone. You can go to icloud.com and then you have to sign with your Apple Id and password. There you can find your iPhone and click on all devices and then you can directly click on erase your iPhone. Then, you have to click on Confirm. Also you can click on Restore iPhone and confirm. This solution you can try and in most of the cases iPhone 6 touch screen issues will get resolved.

iphone 6 screen freezes

Clean up iPhone 6

You should regularly clean up iPhone 6 like clearing cache, cookies, extra documents and other junk files. These should be regularly deleted from iPhone 6 otherwise your iPhone 6 can run slow and in turn can affect touch screen. So, you can try deleting these things in order to let your screen be responsive.

Reset your iPhone 6

You can try resetting your iPhone 6. Though it can erase all your existing settings and also all your WI-FI logins can be erased. You can go to Settings and then go to general. There you can go to Reset and there select Reset all settings. You will be then asked to enter your passcode There you can try resetting all your settings in order to make your iPhone screen not responding.

DFU mode

You can try running your iPhone 6 in DFU mode. This mode can help in avoiding many complicated problems. It is mostly used for restoring your iPhone6. For putting iPhone 6 in DFU mode you can turn off your device and then try holding ON/OFF button for 3 seconds. Press and hold down the home button on your device. Now try plugging your iPhone into your Mac Now, you can release the home button and then you can click on restore. Hence, now your iPhone is successfully in DFU mode.
iphone 6 display not working

Touch disease

Touch disease can also be a reason of your iPhone 6 screen problem. It happens when Touch IC chip breaks away partially and this is reason why electric connection gets broken. It happens when there was a design flaw in iPhone 6 due to which it becomes bent. That’s why iPhone display not working at all. It can happen if your iPhone 6 had hit the ground.at this issue comes when they use their phone after they wake their device after a long time. Also, you will be able to see a small grey bar on top of your device screen. That time screen becomes unresponsive. If you are pretty sure that your iPhone 6 is prone to screen un-responsiveness then you can directly go to Service Centre with price of 149$.

Hard reset

On the off chance that restarting your iPhone is isn’t helpful and still your iPhone 6 touch screen not responding. You ought to presently make a decent attempt resetting your iPhone 6. In the vast majority of the cases Hard reset works. It is like ordinary reset yet alongside that it will clear gadget’s memory. We should perceive what steps you have to perform with a specific end goal to do hard reset your iPhone 6. You need to hold the on/off key and home catch for around 10 seconds. If slider seemed then hold the catches for 5 seconds more. White apple logo will fly up and afterward your iPhone 6 will begin. Then you can try using touch. If touch works then probably hard reset is the right option.

Proximity Sensor

You can try searching whether your Proximity Sensor is working correctly or not. Due to Proximity sensor iPhone 6 light decreases a lot that you start feeling that your touch isn’t responding. This can be one of the reason why your iPhone 6 touch is not working. You can try pressing the on/off button in order to start your iPhone 6. You can try going to Settings and then try resetting your settings. After resetting your settings I wish your iPhone 6 touch screen becomes responsive. So this is a good option which you can try if your iPhone 6 stopped working. All the best and try doing it once.
iphone 6 not working

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After you have tried using the above solutions you should have come to one final solution that can solve iPhone 6 screen glitches and iphone 6 touch screen not working. Also, please go through all solutions once so that you can come to one conclusion. If still your iPhone 6 screen glitching, then you can directly go to service center and repair the iPhone 6. So trying using all the solutions and all the best!!

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