Black Screen on iPhone 6 Not Responding

iPhone 6 Black Screen of Death

Is your iphone 6 screen is black and is not turning on, many of the apple users are facing a issue and complaints that my iphone 6 screen is black. Usually there will some power problems with the iphones but, after some months users are getting the issue of black screen on iphone 6 and iphone 6 won’t turn on or gets switched off. If your iphone 6 screen black issue has arised, then don’t worry here’s the guide to solve the issue.
Usually the iphone 6 black screen occurs when you update your iphone to the newer ios, or else it may happen when you update the itunes. Generally when the itunes is updating then you will get the issue of iphone 6 black screen but on. There will be some serious scenarios where the users having the trouble of booting up the iphone.
iphone 6 screen black
Main issue with the iphone 6 is itunes error or won’t boot up and can’t get the apple logo. This problem arises if you can’t get the white apple logo or screen gets strucked suddenly. The solutions for this iphone 6 black screen of death is solved in this article. You can even fix the issue if iphone 6 touch screen not working or glitching.

Steps to fix black screen on iphone 6

If iphone 6 black screen of death fix the issue by following the steps below, you can simple solve the issue of your iphone 6.
  • Firstly upgrade to the latest version of the itunes that is available. 
  • Now reboot your computer.
  • Connect your iphone to pc using a different USB cable.  
  • Now force your iphone to restart.
  • Open the itunes and while your iphone is connected force it to restart and visit to the recovery mode.

Force Restart iphone 6 and enter Recovery Mode:

In order to force restart the issue of iphone black screen of death fix and to enter the recovery mode follow the steps below provided. These steps will also be applicable if home button not working on iphone 6 or 6s arises.
  • Press home and sleep button simultaneously until the apple logo appears.
  • Check for the Recovery mode screen to display.
  • On display the options appears as restore or update, click on update to proceed.
  • Now the itunes will reinstall without erasing the data.
  • Wait till the itunes finish downloading, now you can exit from the recovery mode. 
  • Restart the device and then restore the itunes to your iphone.

Restore iPhone to Factory Settings without iTunes

Another method of factory resetting iphone is using the reiboot, this method is easier and faster and also no itunes is required. This will restore the iphone to factory settings and your can solve your issue if my iphone 6 screen went black.  
  • First step is to run reiboot on the device. You can see the enter recovery mode and exit recovery mode. Click on enter recovery mode.
 iphone 6 black screen of death
  • Click on the setting in the top corner and choose Factory reset iphone.
  • You will see a new menu of system recovery. Click on Fix Now
  • Now you can see the repairing now box.
  • Wait for some time it will verify and decompress the issue.


Hope you have got the solution for iphone 6 black screen of death fix, you can follow all the steps provided above and fix your iphone. You can share this article of iphone 6 screen went black issue if you like it. Also visit Gudtechtricks for more updates.

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