Home Button Not Working on iPhone 6 {Solved}

Home button not working iPhone 6

Apple users are facing a new issue, home button not working on iphone 6. This is a biggest problem for the iphone users if the home button gets strucked or it does not work properly. Home button not working iphone 6 is the issue that has been arised. There will so many reasons for this problem. Some of the major causes and its solutions are listed here you can have a glance on them.

If your iphone 6 home button not working then obviously you will think whether you have to visit the repair center, but our suggestion is you can check out this article try it and then you can simply solve the issue of home button on iphone 6 not working or gets stopped.

home button on iphone 6 not working

If iphone 6 button not working then you can expect 2 types of problems like there may a software problem or hardware issues. You can check the problems and solve the issue of iphone 6 buttons not working. Also see iphone 6 touch screen not responding issue.

Issues on iphone 6 button not working:

Software problems

These problems arises when the software of your iphone 6 does not work perfectly, also see if iphone 6 not turning on. This may occur because of the following reasons

  • If you have updated your software and it is on the installing process then home button will not work.
  • If home button is continuously pressed then the hardware sends the signal but the software does not catches the signal this issue may arise.
  • If your device software gets crashed then buttons does not work.
  • Installing some of the apps may also cause this type of errors.


Hardware problems:


  • Check whether your screen guard has covered the home button. Then the signals inside does not work properly.
  • Ensure that your home button is not physically damaged.
With these problems, you can get the error with the home button and it does not work properly. So here are some of the tricks to recalibrate your iphone.

How to Recalibrate your iPhone and iPad unresponsive Home screen:

Here are some of the tricks to check iphone 6 home button not working after screen replacement. Follow the steps below to check iphone 6 buttons not working.

  • First Launch the apps that are pre installed on your iphone like stocks, weather etc.
  • Now press and hold the power button until the home screen shows “slide to power off”.
  • Release the power button and click on the on goings apps.
  • Quit all the apps that are running. 
  • You can see your home button becomes more responsive than the other.
  • You can try this trick for more than 3 times for perfect results.
  • Even if your home button does not becomes responsive after trying this, you can enable the assistive touch. For that go to Settings << General << Accessibilty << Assistive Touch << Enable. This enables the on-screen home button on your iphone.


Hope with all these tricks your issue of home button not working on iphone 6 will be solved, even if your issues does not gets resolved then you need to visit service center for  iphone 6 home button replacement. Hope this article will help you, also you can share the problems with us. Visit Gudtechtricks for more information.

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