iPhone 6s Wont Turn On or Screen Went Black issue Fixed


iPhone 6s won’t turn on

iphone 6s wont turn on: Many of the users have a query of Why wont my iphone 6s turn on and this is the major question which every iphone 6s users are asking. Apple iphone 6s has got some of the major issues that are making the screen to appear black. Many of the users are worried on iphone 6s not turning on issue. Rather than this even iphone 6s has many other problems also, some of them are discussed in this article.

iPhone 6s won’t turn on when there is a problem in battery or less charging and also by some other issues, all the iphone 6s issues are discussed here. The solution for my iphone 6s won’t turn on is sorted out, but bascially a iphone wont turn on after several years if its use, but this iphone 6 is entirely different as many of the new iphone 6s buyers are complaining that and asking why my iphone 6 screen went black and wont turn on, for them we are providing this guide to solve their issue.


You can check the below steps to know why the iphone 6s wont turn on and its screen went black with out any issues. This happens when the iphone 6s black screen is appearing. With this article you will know how to fix a iphone 6s that wont turn on. When a device is not turning on then there may be several factors, but based on our own experience we are providing this for the users of iphone 6s.

Fix iPhone 6S Won’t Turn On

iPhone 6s will not turn on because of some of the problems, this may occur due to its design or overheating or may be your device was fell down and strucked,  you can check the below methods, so that you will get the solution for iphone 6s screen blackout.

Charge Battery:

In case if your iphone 6s wont turn on then you need to charge your battery. Simply recharge your device and check for the mobile to be stabilized. Connect to the original iphone charger and leave ot for 15 to 20 min. In case if the battery is totally drained it will recover in few minutes.

Press and hold Home Button:

Mainly in order to reset iphone 6s you need to press both the power and home button and power button for 10 sec. After that you will see the apple logo on the home screen. If the logo does not appear then charge the iphone 6s for some more time or else you need to hard reset the mobile.

Hard Reset:

In case if your iphone 6s won’t turn on then you need to hard reset your iphone. Before going to hard reset the device know about its functionalities. Hard reset means wipe or erase full data. Doing this method you need to restore your phone to its initial condition. To avoid the data loss, simply connect your iphone 6s to computer and sync the device. After the device is back you can again sync the pc to mobile using itunes.

Here are the steps to reset if your iphone 6s screen won’t turn on, this is done by using the recovery mode.

  • Press and hold the sleep and home button simultaneously.
  • Release the button when apple logo appears.
  • Wait for the recovery mode screen it usually occurs in 2 seconds.
  • Now you will see the screen that asks for restore or update.
  • Select update to proceed.
  • Now the itunes will attempt to re-install the ios without erasing any data.
  • Wait until the itunes finishes the downloading of your software.
  • This will take some time and then you exit the recovery mode.
  • You have to force start your device and then it will reboot.
  • Finally you are done your device will start and will look like the device that you have brought.

iphone 6s wont turn on

iTunes error 405

This error may occur due to the itunes issues but you can solve it with the below steps. In many of the cases if your itunes is strucked then it may effect your device and it shows as iphone 6s black screen wont turn on or we think it is of device problem. You can fix the itunes error with the below steps.

  • Ensure iphone is fully charged.
  • Make atleast 1GB of available storage space.
  • Use original USB cable to connect your device to pc.
  • Update the pc with latest os.
  • Start using itunes.

Once if your iphone 6s is connected to pc and you start using it then we can ensure that there is no problem with the device, it only because of simply itunes. But even if the above all methods do not work then you can try the advanced methods.

Advanced Methods

If the any of the above method does not work then go for the below suggestions to avoid the iphone 6s wont turn or screen went black issue. These are only suggestions for your iphone 6s but many of our users have said that it is working fine.

Battery Unplug

In most of the cases if your device wont turn on then we can say there is an error in the power logic board. You can reset it by unplugging the battery. Unplug the iphone 6s battery and then wait for some few seconds, then again plug it back. Now switch on your iphone 6s. See iphone 6s battery drains fast for more information.

Replace Battery

You can replace the battery of iphone 6s with the new one, or else you can remove the battery and then directly connect to the charger, here you can use the universal chargers in order to charge the battery of iphone 6s.

Replace Lightning Flex Cable

Replace the lighting flex cable of your charger and then try to charge your device. Because of the power fluctuations or high power this cables will get damaged, so for a safety process, you can replace the cable and try to charge the device.
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If all the above process does not work then obviously there is some thing wrong with the logic board. Troubleshoot the logic board with the other, for this you need to visit apple store or you can contact the technician they will replace with the other one.

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