iPhone 6s won’t charge or Troubleshoot Fix the issue


iPhone 6s won’t charge fix issue

On the off chance that your iPhone 6s won’t charge then something isn’t right with your iPhone’s charger or lightning link. Additionally charging port or divider connector can likewise be one reason that your iPhone isn’t charging. I know it is extremely dis-delighting to realize that your iPhone 6s won’t charge. In any case, once in a while it is a result of programming issues likewise that your iPhone 6s not charging or else any other issues like iphone 6s battery issues or drains.

For this situation don’t be tragic and be positive thinker that you iPhone 6 will begin charging again in the wake of following a couple of steps. In the last piece of the article we will clarify you some basic advances which you can take after which can help in charging your iPhone 6 once more. Is it safe to say that it isn’t intriguing? Truly it is.

iphone 6s won't charge
We should now take a gander at the means which should be taken after for redressing the iPhone 6 not charging issue of your iPhone 6. Trust me by following below steps you will get to know “how to charge iPhone 6s”. You can also see the issues when iphone 6 touch screen not responding and or not working issues.

Fix the issue of iPhone 6s won’t charge

Follow the steps below and fix the issue of iPhone 6s won’t charge, this will clear all your charging problems. Have a look at each step carefully.

1. Hard reset your iPhone

You need to first make a decent attempt reset of your iPhone. Now and then hard-resetting tackles the product bugs which come irregularly. It is like reset however alongside that it will clear Device’s memory. How about we see what methodology you have to follow with a specific end goal to hard reset your iPhone 6.
  • You need to hold the on/off key and sharpen catch at same time for 10 seconds.
  • If nothing happen even in the wake of squeezing both keys for 10 seconds then we need to look
  • For other programming or equipment crash.
  • If slider seemed then hold the catches for some additional time.
  • White apple logo will fly up and after that let your iPhone begin.
  • But now and again if your iPhone 6 not turning on, at that point continue to different advances.

2. Check the lightning link

Lightning link can be deserted in the event that if your iPhone 6 won’t charge. What you can do is to check the finishes of your lightning link. In the event that you can see wear and tear then you can have a go at supplanting the lightning link. In the vast majority of the cases lightning link is the one which is harmed. Additionally what you can do is having a go at accusing your iPhone 6 of your portable workstation. On the off chance that it functions admirably then there isn’t any issue with your lightning link.

Most likely there is some issue with divider connector. Additionally, have a go at changing your iPhone 6 of some other lightning link and with same divider connector. Along these lines you can make sense of what precisely is the issue. Apple’s lightning link is more inclined to fraying and this is the motivation behind why your iPhone 6s won’t charge or turn on. This is same as the issue when my iphone 6 won’t turn on or gets black screen.

3. Change your iPhone 6 charger

You can take a stab at substituting charger if your iPhone 6s will not charge. You can search for some companion’s charger and check whether your iPhone 6 begins charging. Likewise you can take a stab at accusing your iPhone 6 of portable workstation. You can have a go at supplanting the USB port so as to guarantee that your iPhone 6 begins charging once more. If your iPhone 6s isn’t charging with another charger then there is problem with your iPhone. Have a go at supplanting the charger and your concern will be unravelled.

4. Clean the iPhone’s Charging Port

See the charging port which is there in your iPhone 6. There are potential outcomes that flotsam and jetsam or gunk can be there in that. That can likewise be one reason why you’re lightning link can’t charge your iPhone 6. On the off chance that you discover some trash in the Port then you can have a go at cleaning it with some tooth brush. In the vast majority of the circumstances, garbage stacked in the Port cleaning with toothbrush takes care of issue. Yet, in the event that this isn’t tackling your concern, at that point take a chance at putting your iPhone in DFU mode and check whether that illuminates your iPhone 6 does not charge issue.

5. Put your iPhone6 in DFU mode

Once in a while my iPhone 6s won’t charge since it can’t boot up appropriately. This can happen for the most part after you have escaped your iPhone. In the event that this is the really issue then you can put your iPhone in DFU mode.

  • First you need to connect your iPhone to the PC and you need to press the on/off catch for around 3 seconds.
  • Now again hold the on/off catch and home catch for around 10 seconds. Presently you need to discharge the on/off catch yet continue holding the home catch for an additional 5 seconds.
  • If dark screen comes so you are in DFU mode. Directions will show up on screen which you need to follow with a specific end goal to turn on your iPhone.
  • If this isn’t turning your iPhone 6 right then you can straightforwardly go to repair your iPhone.

6. Repair your iPhone 6

Presently if every single above advance are not working and your iPhone 6s won’t charge or turn on then you can go to AppleCare+ and request that they repair your iPhone 6. The conceivable purposes for your iPhone not charging can be fluid harm also. On the off chance that AppleCare+ isn’t accessible then you can attempt Pulse which is again an incredible repair focus which will settle your iPhone’s issue at your home itself. They can repair your charging port with the goal that your iPhone begins charging once more. So doesn’t hold up any longer and simply go to the iPhone customer care for repairing the iPhone6? In any case, recollect that you attempt every single above advance with the goal that your iPhone begins charging once more.

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In this way, you now realize what are the means, which must be under taken on the off chance that if, your iPhone 6 isn’t charging once more. In most pessimistic scenario you can go to the AppleCare+ and repair your iPhone. Be hopeful that your iPhone 6 s charging issues gets resolved. So now observe what is the deformity that isn’t permitting your iPhone 6 to begin charging? All the best!!

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