How to Fix iPhone 7 Not Charging Properly After Update


iPhone 7 Not Charging Properly

Plugged the iphone 7 but its not charging, is my iphone 7 damaged or broken. Why is iphone 7 not charging properly. Many of the apple users have a query of why isn’t my iphone charging. Even i also faced this issue. After 5 months of its usage now my new iphone 7 not charging, i did several researches and found the solution for how to fix iphone 7 wont charge without any disturbance to the device os.
My iphone 7 won’t charge issue will occur because of the os defect or else if there is any issue with the battery. In case if we hurrily go to the apple technicians, with in a minute they will solve the issue but they pays much for the apple devices, basically iphones are not built with errors or bugs so we can also fix the issues simply.
iPhone 7 Not Charging properly
Some of the most causes for this issue are listed below. You can manually check the battery problems that are arising. Some of the issues are:
  • Is my iphone 7 defective.
  • Whether iphone 7 battery is damaged.
  • Are the connectors bent or broken.
  • Is there any defect in the charging port.

Fix the issue iPhone 7 not charging Troubleshoot Guide

If your iphone 7 won’t charge or turn on then there will a lot of issues that needs to be considered, but if we solve each and every issue by checking then obviously we can retrieve our device back. Follow the below steps in step by step guide so that you can solve the issue of iphone 7 will not charge.

Hard Reset iPhone 7

Most of the iphone’s 7 charging problem arises because of the software issues. Like the software crashes if you update any third party application or games. So in this case you need to soft reset the iphone 7. Follow the steps here to resolve it.
  • Press and hold the power and home button for 10 seconds.
  • Release the button when the apple logo appears.
  • You can check that your device will restart.
  • Now your iphone will turn on and will charge

Clean USB Port

In some cases your charging port may be full of dust and some unwanted particles which will affect the lighting and connector connecting to the cable. In this case if the ports are not fixed then obviously there will not be any current flow in the device. Then the gunk should be removed. You need to brush it out to clear the particles then clean the usb port then your iphone 7 will get charged.  

Charge Using different adapters

If your iphone is not charging then try to plug it to a new adapter that is wall adapter or else use different cables. You can charge iphone 7 by plugging to a pc. You can even try this. If you charge through the pc or using wall adapter you will notice some changes. So use different methods to charge iphone 7.

Restore iPhone 7

After trying all the easy fixes even then if your iphone 7 not charging properly then you need to restore the device. For this you need to restore factory settings. To do this follow the below steps:

  • Connect iphone to pc.
  • Run itunes in the computer.
  • Recognize the device connected and then click on restore iphone.
  • itunes will restore your device. 
  • update to new os. This will fix the charging error.

Reinstall the operating System

If you have updated your os and even the device is not charged then there may be some update errors, so try to fix it by reinstalling the software on your device. You can even use iCareFone to repair the os. If you have updated the os using itunes there will be any errors.

Contact Authorized Technician

If none of the above methods works to fix the iphone 7 wont charge problem, then you need to contact the apple technician. If your device has warranty then they will clear the issue and hand over the device.


Hope you have solved the issues of iphone 7 with this guide. If your iphone 7 not charging then fix the bugs even if it does not respond then there is a need to apple technician. You can visit Gud Tech Tricks for more information.

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