iMessage on PC: Get iMessage for PC Windows, Mac, Android and iPhone

Wondering how to setup iMessage for your device like imessage for pc or imessage for windows? Here is how to get imessage in simple terms and understandable format. Usually, iMessage is first and foremost available for iOS/iPad/Mac. But later they have come across background research and today it is available for Android as imessage for android and similarly for windows as iMessage for windows 10 too. So people who love to send messages through iMessage app on Apple, never get disappointed. Here I am going to provide the step by step installation process irrespective of device in clear and understandable format.

Well, as I said before, iOS has proved revolutionary in the field of mobile phones and system. It has come with a lot of facilities. In previous times, if you observe well, you will notice one and only traditional app. But today it is completely different. Now in these days, iMessage app provides a lot of cool features and make the user feel very much friendly to contact their belongings immediately by sending/ receiving the message. Has overcome all the drawbacks encountered with the traditional messaging app.


All the people feel passionate to chat with all their loving people. Similar to what’s up, Facebook messenger, imessage is the one among them. Imessage not only messaging app, it is more than that. You have media share, emojis, effects, group chat and much more in a more effective way. Also, does not use any carrier charges so worry not. Are you ready to learn it’s cool features and the whole installation process? Here we go. Go through it and enjoy it’s cool or amazing service.


Features of iMessage App 

Let us focus on its cool features provided in step by step. Have a look and get some idea to start using iMessage app for all the devices available right now. So shall we go through??? If yes, here we are with all its significant features.

  • Play Games: You can play games with your friends using this imessage app, here you can play some of the favorites like Words With Friends, Four in a Row, and chess app Checkmate. This app allows your to play games with your beloved ones.
  • Share your Location: You can simply share your location with the other imessage app users with a single click. You can simply click on the i button and share the exact location in the imessage app.
  • Send Gifs and Share stickers: iMessage app provides you gifs to send to your imessage user friends, in this you can also share the stickers to express your feelings.
  • Share Music: You can share the latest releases of songs or the albums with your dear ones using the imessage app, this app has a huge collection of all the songs that can be shared with your users.

imessage for pc download

Other Features of iMessage

  • Provides brand new iMessage screen effects.
  • Imessage app drawer looks like more intuitive.
  • You have a chance to send Apple to pay cash to friends without any fail.
  • Has an ability to chat with business.
  • Also, you can sync messages in iCloud.
  • You can use 3D touch to share links.
  • Very much easy to silence message threads.
  • Moreover, can invite all your family through imessage.
  • One of the firmest iOS app to connect with each other effectively.
  • Can send or receive unlimited messages.
  • Free of cost to use.
  • It can do easily segregating from SMS as iMessage texts appear in the form of blue color.
  • Not only messages can send documents, video, images and other files to all your belongings without causing any kind of troubleshooting issue.
  • It can also be tracked through delivery receipts.

All these are very much common and most used cool features by every common man when accessing through imessage app. So hope you got some idea relate to it. Are you ready to get this amazing iMessage app to your device? Or thinking like I gave some useful information in the form of features but how to install on your device? Tension not. I am going to help and guide in a better way.

How to Install iMessage App on Your Device

Finally, here we go with all the methods step by step in clear and better understandable format. Never worry about the type of device. This is because I am going to guide by providing simple instructions irrespective of device. Therefore, here we go.

  1. Step by step installation process of iMessage pc.
  2. How to install imessage app for Windows10.
  3. The installation process of imessage app for iPad.
  4. Instructions to install imessage app on Android.
  5. How to get imessage app for Mac.
  6. Get iMessage app for iPhone right now.
  7. How to activate imesage app with no error.

iMessage for PC

How to get imessage on pc? There are a lot of methods to install imessage for pc. Today we are going to choose one among them. None other than downloading imessage on pc through ipadian emulator and chrome desktop. You can download imessage for pc using any of the two methods.

How to get imessage on pc using Chrome Remote Desktop

You can get the imessage app on your pc using the chrome remote desktop. Follow the below steps and know how to use imessage on pc. A simple procedure is need to install this extension on your desktop.

  • First download the Chrome remote desktop on your pc, you can click here to get the chrome remote desktop from playstore.

use imessage on pc

  • Once the extension is downloaded, Click on launch app option.
  • Here you need to Download and Install the Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer, that can be done as shown in screen.
  • Now you will see a window, click ok on it to install host installer.

imessage pc

  • You will get a chrome remote desktop package, double click on it.
  • Now a window appears, as welcome to the chrome remote desktop host installer. Select continue.
  • Enter the details of username and password. Select install software.
  • The installation was successful window appears.
  • You will get a code, use that code and connect to send iMessages.

Download iMessage for PC Using iPadian

You can download imessage app on your pc using the ipadian emulator. It helps to install on your PC in a more effective way. So let’s go through all the instructions one by one to get apple imessage for pc successfully.

  • The very first step, download iPad emulator on your PC with no second thought. You can get it from here.

imessage for pc

  • Install it by accepting all the on-screen terms and conditions.
  • Double click on the .exe file that you can see and go further on your system.
  • All the installation process is very much simple.
  • Complete all the formalities that every user do when they install in the system.
  • Once the whole process gets done, run the emulator.
  • Set up the emulator and make it ready to install our favorite apps/ games through it.
  • Later, there if you observe you can see a search bar when you open your emulator.
  • There, simply type your favorite messaging app, imessage pc.
  • After doing so, double-click on it to launch the respective app on your device successfully.
  • That’s all!!!!! You are all set to use imessage on pc.

Till now we have seen download imessage for pc. Here we go with other methods suitable for other devices.

iMessage for windows 10

How to get imessage on windows 10? As I said before, there are various methods to download imessage on windows 10. I go with the most familiar emulator namely BlueStacks. Since we do not get imessage app officially from the device, and you wish to use for your PC? Can go with Bluestacks with no second thought. Follow the below instructions carefully and get the iMessage for pc windows 10 right now.

  • Firstly, get the Bluestacks emulator on your device successfully.

iMessage for windows 10

  • Once the whole download process gets complete, install it on your respective system.
  • All this take several minutes.
  • Once it is done, run the emulator.
  • When you open it, you can see the search bar and type imessage for windows10.
  • So that finally, you will be directed to the app store directly.
  • Download the imessage windows 10 and set up so that can start accessing and enjoy by chatting with all your belongings in an effective way.
  • That’s all!!!!!!!

iMessage For iPad

Can you text from an ipad? or how to get imessage for ipad? For all these queries, I am going to help you. The simple thing you have to do is follow the below steps to get imessage for ipad right now. So here we go.

  • Firstly, go to the home screen and choose settings.
  • Once you select, scroll down so that you find message section in the form of a list.
  • You need to select that particular section.

imessage for ipad

  • Remember in order to access get text messages on ipad, must and should turn on. So simply turn to the right to on this amazing cool option successfully.
  • In this step, go to send and receive section and add your email that you really like to reach all your family and friends well/ to get texts on ipad.
  • After doing so, go back to messages app and start texting. That’s all!!!!!! Now you enjoy sending/ receiving messages/ videos/ emojis/ documents/ any in an effective way.

iMessage for Android

Most of all who learn it’s cool features, refer to us on their device. But is there a possibility to use iMessage on Android? Even I am looking to get imessage for android download. Are you in the same situation? Looking for the process? No problem. I am going to help and guide in a pretty simplest way.

Usually, when you look forward to learning imessage android, will notice a lot of pop-ups. But they all were fake. However, one of the firms figured out how exactly to bring Apple’s messaging service on Android. But the only requirement you need is Mac.

Steps to Install imessage on Android

How to get imessage on android? Before we go through the process, small change. As we call iMessage app as wemessage for Android. Handles one to one conversations and group chats, send attachments, read receipts and much more. Wemessage is encrypted so you need not get worried because all your private conversations remain private. Are you ready to get wemessage on Android and like to enjoy chatting with all your belongings? Here we go.

  • First and foremost, install wemessage on your phone. On the other side, you need to set up the company’s weserver software on your Mac.


  • Well, this requires Java SE development kit and then give the server terminal rights.
  • Now download weserver and open the respective zip file.
  • There you need to find run command and double-click on it to launch weserver successfully.
  • Once it gets open, the program asks you to enter Mac IP address along with the email and password.
  • As you need to use these on your system.
  • Make sure to use the same email which is connected to your official iMessage account.
  • But pick the new password for security reasons.
  • With all these, you can install wemessage on Android.

imessage for android

  • Once you successfully launch, enter Mac’s IP address along with the same email and password used on your system.
  • All your contacts show up in the app automatically and can start texting right now in a more effective way.

iMessage for Mac

This is one more interesting method that helps to install imessage for mac successfully. So shall we go through all those instructions? Here they are.

  • Launch the messages from your desktop, dock or applications folder without any fail.
  • Enter your Apple ID email address and also the password.
  • Remember if you have two-step or two-factor authentication turned on your Apple ID, you are requested to enter verification code successfully.
  • There, select the accounts tab.

imessage mac

  • Now open the settings and select imessage.
  • Here you need to enable iMessage on mac. Until you enable this your imessage app will not be opened.
  • And then select a phone number, an email address at which you like to reach.
  • Opt the number you prefer to chat or email address as people see when you start a new conversation.
  • That’s all!!!!!!

iMessage for iPhone

Well, how to set up imessage on iphone? Follow the below instructions carefully to set the imessage for iphone successfully. Well, here we go.

  • Tap on settings and scroll down.
  • Tap on messages.
  • Flip the On/ off switch available next to the imessage so that it is in On state.

imessage iphone

  • The iMessage will attempt to automatically get your phone number or Apple I’d successfully.
  • That’s all!!! Now you are ready to access iMessage app and can start your chatting with all your belongings well.

How to Activate imessage App with No Error

While you try to activate, if you face like waiting for activation/ activation unsuccessful/ error encountered at the time of activation/ getting could not sign in, please check your network connection? how to use imessage? If yes, here we go with all the points.

  • First and foremost, check to see if you like to access iMessage service.
  • Open the text message conversation with the friend who also uses an iPhone and verifies whether there is a silver logo or green logo available with an arrow.
  • If you look in green, then you are in a right way.
  • To cross-check whether imessage has been deactivated: go to Settings-> messages and verify either it has been switched off.
  • Click on the slider to activate imessage again. Wait for several times as this might take 24 hours.
  • Of that too didn’t work, try turning off and restart both iMessage and FaceTime.
  • Go to Settings-> messages and then try off iMessage.
  • Go to Settings-> FaceTime and turn on FaceTime.
  • Again, wait for the 24 hours for the service to activate.
  • If you are still locked out of imessage after 24 hours, check your version as it is in up to date or not.
  • Or contact your network or carrier to cross-check whether you can receive SMS messages.
  • Even though, if your carrier unable to fix, contact the Apple support. There is a possibility as the issue might encounter with the device but not with your account.
  • Set it up with all your Apple I’d log in and password in the new iPhone than going with older one.

Final verdict

I hope you are clear of all the details provided in clear and understandable format. For instance, if you like the article, share with friends and also on social networking sites. Also, for any doubts, simply drop a comment on the below section. Thank you. Get back here for more interesting stuff.

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