How To Fix PS4 Beeping 3 Times and Ejecting Disk

PS4 beeping constantly! why does my ps4 keep beeping? How can we fix this issue? For all such queries, you are going to get a perfect solution over here. Before learning the methods, let’s learn a brief overview of PS4. PS4 also called PlayStation4, through which you can play tons of interesting games and enhance a great gaming experience. Comprised with 500GB or 1TB storage capacity.

Also, this console delivers absolute and amazing gaming power, uses vibrant technology, and provides incredible entertainment without getting fail. Like this, there are many more innovative features that the PS4 offers today. Most of the time, there is not even a single complaint got registered or filed related to the operation or usage of PS4.

ps4 beeping

But recently people started facing and claiming ps4 beeping. Many people were unaware of this issue and they are a little worried about it. Hence who all are unaware of this issue, let me tell you there are certain methods to fix this issue successfully. So, therefore, today let us learn all such significant methods which help us to resolve the problem ps4 keeps beeping taking only a small amount of time.


PS4 beeping! How to Fix the PS4 beeping issue?

PlayStation4 is usually considered as a game console by which one can play games and enhance a great experience. This is introduced by Sony Computer Entertainment in the year 2013. Among various consoles, this is one of the best and preferable game consoles.

But yes, people are facing a few issues with the console. PS4 beeping is one among them. To resolve this issue, there are certain techniques or methods which completely help us in fixing problems successfully.

Turn Off the PS4 and turn it ON

Probably in most cases, Switching OFF and ON work effectively. To apply this method and to resolve the issue, follow the below instructions.

PS4 keeps beeping

  • Switch OFF the PlayStation4 PS4 by clicking the power button available on it.
  • Now do unplug the HDMI cable and DS4 power cable.
  • Do not forget to hold the power button for at least 30 seconds continuously.
  • ¬†Continue the same till you get two beeps approximately.
  • After a while around 5-10 minutes later, Plug-in the HDMI cable.
  • Turn ON the PS4.

Now check whether the PS4 keeps being issue has been resolved or still it is in existence. 90% of performing this method helps in resolving issues. If the case failed and noticing the same ps4 beeping 3 times, again and again, it’s time to follow the below methods.

Try to Install or update to the Latest PS4 software Version

Well, if the software you are using is not yet updated, then there is a chance of getting ps4 beeping continuously. Hence whenever you face such an issue, it’s time to check whether the software is updated or not. OR yet to be updated. Whatever, if your software needs an update to the latest version,¬† follow the below simple steps now.

ps4 beeping 3 times

  • The very first we need to check the system software update is available or no.
  • If it is available, go to the settings-> then tap on system software updates.
  • Now search for the PS4 and check whether the update is available or no.
  • If it is available, you need to perform a click on update.
  • Wait for a while till the entire process gets complete.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and that’s all! You have successfully completed the update process.

Now come out and check whether the problem ps4 beeping 3 times has been resolved or no. Even though after performing the update, if the problem is still in existence, then it’s time to implement the below method.

Wipe the Dust Particles and try to cover the Eject button sensor by taking the help of tape

Few people claim that ps4 beeping encounters due to the eject button sensor and this problem can be resolved by loosening the screw available under the faceplate or by placing the old game boxes under the console.

As a result, let’s now head over to the instructions in which helps us learn how to wipe the dust present upon it and how to cover the eject button sensor using tape. So, are you ready to learn the instructions? If yes, here we go.

why does my ps4 keep beeping

  • The very first remove the screws and seal placed below the PS4.
  • Now try to remove the options front fuselage shell present with the Sny logo none other called as bottom panel.
  • Clean or Wipe the dust available in the entire panels and their parts.
  • Also, at the bottom of the PS4, you will see the sensor.
  • Place the piece of tape on the gold sensor.
  • Now remove the other side of the front panel. Remove the batteries, screws, cables respectively.
  • Remove the metal sheet and take out its motherboard.
  • Remove the fan and clean the dust.
  • Once done, reassemble the same by placing the motherboard in its position, assembling screws, cables, batteries, front panel, everything similarly.

This way you can resolve the issue of PS4 beeping successfully. IF any doubts or if you fail to fix them, contact the team to fix them.

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These are the details and techniques which help us in resolving the issue ps4 beeping taking a very less amount of time. For more doubts, just mention below in the comment section. We will update and guide you appropriately. Also, to learn more interesting tutorials stay connected with GudTechTricks anytime without making other or second thoughts.

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