How to Fix Firestick Keeps Restarting {Working Methods}

If your firestick keeps restarting, then it might be caused due to the following reasons like was]ear and tear of the micro USB cable, inadequate power supply of the hardware, and many more. As we know Amazon firestick is an amazing gadget that helps you to stream your favorite movies, TV shows on the App like Netflix Hulu, and many more on your TV. Even though is it is the most popular gadget around the world but it encounters some issues that annoy it, users.

Like many of the hardware and the software, Sometimes firestick also prone to malfunctions and also tends to breakdowns. When it happens you need to be patient.

firestick keeps restarting

When you are watching your favorite movies, TV shows on the Amazon firestick, then this can extremely frustrating. however, this firestick keeps restarting repeatedly. So, in this article, we will discuss the simple tricks that help you to fix the issue firestick keeps restarting.


How to Fix My Firestick Keeps Restarting?

The primary issue that Amazon Firestick encounter is that the firestick keeps restarting. Like any other electronic device, Amazon firestick will also go through the glitches or suspect to the hardware and the software malfunctions.

Mostly the reasons like Faulty HDMI cable, adapter, USB cable can cause the issue my firestick keeps restarting or firestick keeps restarting or some times it might due to the faulty firestick or the software malfunctioning. Follow the given below troubleshooting steps to fix the issue my firestick keeps restarting.

Reboot the Firestick

This is the basic troubleshooting method that helps you to fix the error my firestick keeps restarting, then follow the given below steps to do so.

  • First, from your TV you have to remove the Firestick.
  • Next, Turn off your TV and then restart after 2-3 minutes.
  • Now, again insert back the Firestick and then wait for the connection to establish back again.
  • If this is done, restart your Firestick to see if the issue is fixed or not.

These are the basic methods that helped you to fix the issue firestick keeps restarting or amazon firestick keeps restarting. And if you find this doesn’t work for you then go for another troubleshooting method.

Use Only Amazon Firestick Accessories

When you have bought the AMazon firestick, it comes with certain accessories that help it to work flawlessly. As the Amazon accessories are compatible with the Amazon firestick, make sure to use those for the best performance o the forestick.

my firestick keeps restarting

It may cause an erratic power supply and that keeps the firestick restarting. If you are trying to reconnect through the other USB cable or the adapter which are not the products of Amazon. Then this might help you to fix the issue amazon firestick keeps restarting. If this doesn’t work then try the below-given troubleshooting methods.

Replace the USB Cables

Sometimes USB cable might encounter the error amazon firestick keeps restarting or Kodi keeps restarting firestick, as it is turn out or worn out. through which might there might be the inconsistent power supply to your Power Supply.

amazon firestick keeps restarting

Therefore, as there is an inconsistent power supply to the Firestick it restarts constantly as it doesn’t get a sufficient power supply from your Television. Try Plugging it directly into the power outlet, if you are using the USB extension orĀ  USB power hub to the firestick.

Remove the HDMI Resources connected to the TV

If there are more HDMI resources then you might encounter the error Kodi keeps restarting firestick or firestick keeps restarting. Therefore, including the Firestick remove all the devices if you have connected multiple HDMI devices to your TV.

kodi keeps restarting firestick

Where this causes the signal issues due to the multiple HDMI connections and that encounter the error firestick keeps restarting.

Don’t Use the Extensions

Sometimes the extensions like USB and the other power extensions might also cause the error firestick to keep restarting, Hence the extensions that are connected directly to your through the USB cable but at the same time, they may also lead to several problems with the adequate power supply.

If you have the firestick keeps restarting or the amazon firestick keeps restarting, then remove the extensions if any connections to your television.

Update your Firestick Firmware

As we know firestick on the software, therefore like any other software it might also come across glitches or may contain the bugs. No need to worry these glitches can be removed by updating the firmware. Update the firmware may help you to fix the issue amazon firestick keeps restarting. The follow the given below steps to do so.

  • Head to the settings on your FireTV.
  • Now, click on the My Fire TV > About.

why does my jailbroken fire stick keep restarting

  • Now, you have to click on the “Check for the System Update” option.

If the updating of the firmware doesn’t help you to fix the error then you can perform the below-given troubleshooting methods to fix the error amazon firestick keeps restarting or my firestick keeps restarting.

Replace the Remote Batteries

Low battery power might be one of the reasons that cause the error my firestick keeps restarting or the firestick keeps restarting. Then in such situations, replace the remote batteries so that it can help you to fix the issue amazon firestick keeps restarting.

firestick keeps restarting reddit

Instead of the USB cable Use the Power Supply Directly

Note that all the USB case doesn’t carry or provide the power supply that is needed by the for the power stick to be operated normally. Through the USB cable if you have connected the firestick to the TV, then try to connect it directly to the Power supply. Then this might help you to fix the issue amazon firestick keeps restarting or any error of the Firestick.

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The discussed troubleshooting methods help you to fix the issue amazon firestick keeps restarting and any one of the given below troubleshooting methods may work for you and you can happily stream the videos on the Forestick. If you have any doubt’s on GudTechTricks feel free to text us and stay tuned for more updates

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