How to download and Install Android 7.0 Nougat


Android 7.0 download Latest Version

Android 7.0 download: Android 7.0 is the latest version of android that is called as nougat, this is the newer version till now. You can download android 7.0 and update on your smartphones, this android os download requires some new updates so that we can use android 7.0 nougat on our devices. Many of the new games and apps are applicable for the newer android versions, so in order to access to those games you need to download android nougat. 

Now you have a query of how to get android nougat. Dont worry you can directly get android nougat download on your software updates or else you can manually update to android 7.0, this nougat download will not effect your device, it simple updates the software that will be eligible to access new apps thats it. Here we are going to describe the complete process of how to download and install android 7.0 nougat on your mobile.

android 7.0 download

Any of the supported devices can get the android updates, if not you can manually update the android device with the following guide. Basically this android update can be done using two methods, like directly updating the device with the updates provided by android and the other is updating the android smartphone manually, in this we are providing the two ways for the users. With this manual you can simply update to android nougat and use all the apps and games that are meant only for the newer versions of android.

Download and Install Android 7.0 nougat

Here are some of the few steps to download android n and how to install it on your device. With this you can get the android update downloads with out any issues. Follow the steps below and get android 7 nougat on any device.
  • First step is to take the backup of your android device. 
  • For this go to Settings >> Backup and Restore >> Enable Back up
android 7.0 download
  • Make sure that both Backup my data and Automatic restore are checked.
  • Now check for the updates, for this follow the steps.
  • Go to Settings >> About Phone >> Software Update.
android nougat download
  • Now select the software update option, here you can see the android 7 update.
  • Click on the Android 7 download, thats it your android 7 will be downloaded on your device and you will see like this.
android n download
  • Once your software is updated click on ok.
Your android n download will be completed and will be installed on your devices.

Android 7 Download and Install Manually

In case if your device wont show the update of android you can manually download and install android nougat on your device. Follow the steps and get the android 7.0 update.
  • First step is to download Gapp For your device. You can download Gapps zip file from here. 
  • Now you need to download android 7.0 update, for that click here.
android 7.0 nougat
  • Now boot your android phone in recovery mode. For this press volume and power button continuously for 10 sec.
android 7.0 update
  • Go to home screen, TWRP recovery and tap on wipe option.
  • Click on Advanced Wipe and select system, boot, data, cache, Dalvik cache.
download android 7.0
  • Ensure that you have not selected the internal storage option.
  • Click on install option and navigate to ROM file in your internal storage. Start the Flashing process for that swipe right.
  • Once installed, select Gapps from the location and flash it same on your device.
  • Now the update is installed on your device. you can wipe Dalvik cache or just select reboot option.
how to get android nougat
Now your android update download has been completed and is successfully installed on your device. You can use these methods and upgrade your mobile to the newer versions of android. This android 7.0 updates are running in a huge way and this version is becoming more and more popular, you can try these updates for free.


Finally you have got android 7.0 nougat download manually and automatically using software update. With this you can get the android nougat update for any device and also you can use the latest version of android on your older devices. If you have any queries regarding this android 7.0 download you can contact us we will respond soon. 

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