Google Play Services Has Stopped Fix Error


Google Play Services has Stopped: “Unfortunately Google Play Services has stopped”, a message that many users have received at some point on their smartphone, and that will prevent us from downloading applications. How can I solve this problem? There is no single solution, but these three steps could solve it. we had talked about Google … Read more

DF Charta 01 {Fixed} Error Retrieving Information from Server

fix DF charta 01

DF CHARTA 01 is one of the general error that occurs in the google play store. When a user tries to login to the google play store a login message ”Error retrieving information from server DF-CHARTA-01″ has appeared on their screens. Most of the users who have got this issue say that they were affiliated … Read more

How to Fix Google Play Store Error rh-01

google play store error rh-01

How to fix Play Store Error rh-01 Solved. Play Store error rh-01 is one of the most common error this occurs when you are trying to access play store for downloading and installing a file, when we are trying to access it shows “Error while retrieving information from server.” This error occurs for many of the … Read more

Google Play Download Pending Fix Error

Google Play Download Pending

Google Play store download pending Fix In this article, we will teach how to solve “google play download pending”. Many users have experienced this problem, causing a crash in downloads. This is due to nothing more and nothing less than Google Play Store updates and it shows as google play store download pending. Regarding this, … Read more