How to Fix Error 971 in Play Store

How to fix 971 error code of the Play Store: The 971 error or problems with our mobile phone happen frequently, since nobody is saved from having problems in the Android world. A very common mistake that has just happened to a partner on the web is that of not being able to download an app but its google play error 971. In this instance we wonder if Gudtechtricks users have happened. Therefore, we come to bring you the simple solution to this small problem that does not let you download applications or games from the Google store.

What is error 971 of Google Play itself? First of all, we have to tell you that Google Play errors have random numbers and may vary. On this occasion, we have the error 971 that appears when we try to download an application or game, in the case of our friend happens when you download PUBG Mobile. It should be noted that this may be due to updates to Google Play . Although, also to problems of the cache of Google or to some problem of stored data that we have in the Google Play.

error 971

Before telling you what you have to do to fix it, remember that the code or name of the error may vary . That is to say, if 971 appeared to us, a 505 could appear to you, but it is resolved in the same way.


Steps to fix error 971 of the Play Store

There are 3 ways to solve the error , because if the first one does not work, you must go to the second and so on.

Clears the Play Store cache

  • Go to the mobile device settings .
  • Go to the application section or application manager (the name changes with the mobile model).
  • You will have to scroll to the section of all applications to find the Google Play Store application.
  • Once inside, you will have to press in force arrest .
  • And finally, you will have to click on the clear cache button (BEWARE: it is not the same as deleting the data)
  • Restart your Android mobile.

error 971

When you have completed all the steps, you will have to repeat them but with the Google Play Services application . Once done, you will have to go to download again the application that threw the error to see if it has been fixed. In case the error persists, you have to move to the following way.

Delete the data from the Play Store

Clearing the Google Play cache and clearing the Google Play Services cache does not solve the problem. What do we have to do?

  • You have to go to the device settings .
  • Now you will have to go to the applications or the application manager (varies depending on the mobile).
  • You will have to go to the section of all the applications and then search the Google Play Store .
  • Now you will have to force the stop and press the delete data button .
  • Restart the mobile device.

Yes, the steps are very similar to the previous way, but remember that deleting the data is not the same as clearing the cache . After doing the steps, you can try again to see if it has been fixed. In case the error comes back, we have to make the last step. It should be noted that our companion was solved by doing the previous two after having restarted the mobile.

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Remove the Google account and add it again

The last step is very simple, if the previous two steps did not solve the problem, you have to remove your Google account , you will have to restart the device and then, you will have to add it again.

how to fix error 971

  • You have to go to the device settings.
  • Now you have to go to accounts, tap on the name of the Google account you want to remove (the one that the Play Store uses).
  • Now you will have to touch the menu of the three points in the upper right corner.
  • Press remove account.
  • Finally, you will have to restart the device and add the account again, and obviously, try to download the application.


These are the 3 ways that solve this problem, and which are very effective. In addition, we have verified that you do not necessarily use the 3. Remember that it is not a serious problem, but it is very annoying not being able to download what you want on Google Play. Has it served you?

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