How to Install Zoom on Firestick

Are you searching for the methods to install the zoom on firestick, well continue reading this article here we have provided you the simple and easy steps to install the zoom app on the firestick.

In this covid pandemic “Zoom” a video call app has become one of the prominent apps for attending online video classes, online training, and also various zoom meetings that support the various operating systems like Android, Windows, and iOS.

zoom on firestick

If would like to install the zoom app on firestick, then in this guide we have provided you the methods of how to install the zoom on your firestick along with its features. Keep reading this till the end so, that you will not miss any of the topics about the installation of the zoom on firestick that we have mentioned.


How to Install Zoom on Firestick

You may have a doubt is zoom on firestick and how to zoom out on firestick. Here we will discuss the methods of how to install the zoom app on firestick. Before you are going to install the zoom app on firestick, ensure that your firestick TV has a front camera.

zoom app on firestick

In this guide, we will go through the process of installation of the Zoom app in firestick and try the alternative methods of installation. As the Zoom application is available on the Amazon app store, you can easily install it on your device, therefore, follow the given below steps as we have provided.

Method: Zoom Cloud

  • Launch the firestick on your device and head to the Home screen.
  • Click on the Search icon, and type “Zoom Cloud” with the help of the virtual keyboard available.
  • From the search list, select the “Zoom Cloud Meeting” and click on it.
  • Now, on the next window, click on the “Get” icon.
  • When you click on it, the app will start downloading.
  • Click on the “Open” button to launch the app, after the installation of App.

Now you can enjoy the Zoom meetings on your firestick.

Alternative Method With Amazon

There is also an alternative method to install the zoom app on the firestick. We have provided you the steps to do so follow them.

  • Open the browser on your device.
  • Visit the official site of the Amazon Store.
  • Now, on your device login into the Amazon Account that you use on your  Firestick device.
  • Then head to the search icon located at the top and type “Zoom” in the text field.

is zoom on firestick

  • Select the “Zoom Cloud Meetings” from the search results and then click on the “Get” Application button on the next window.
  • Then, click on it when the firestick display is displayed.
  • Now, wait until the application is download on your device.

Now, with the provided two methods you can install the Zoom app on your device. Now we will head,  how to use the Zoom app on firestick further after its installation.

Methods to Use Zoom on Firestick

After the installation of the Zoom Cloud Meetings, now we will head to how to use the zoom app on the firestick.

how to zoom out on firestick

  • On your firestick device, open the “Zoom Cloud Meetings” app.
  • Once you opened the Zoom app, you can view the four options at the top, “New Meeting”, “Join”, “ClanederY Share Screen”.
  • Now, choose the desired option that you want. Click on the “New Option” to organize the New Meeting. Now, click on the participant’s options and then invite them to join the meeting.
  • Now, you have to send the invitation link to your friends or colleagues to join the meeting.
  • If you have received the link to join the meeting, then click on the “Option to Join” and enter the meeting ID  to join the meeting.
  • Moreover, if you want to leave the meeting, then click on the “End Button” located at the top right.

This is how you can use the Zoom on firestick to join the meetings, video conferences, and meeting with friends.

Features of Zoom Cloud Meeting

Now let’s talk about the features of the Zoom cloud meeting, below we have provided you the features of the zoom cloud meeting.

zoom on firestick tv

  • It allows up to 10oo participants to attend the meeting.
  • You can able to make HD Video as well as audio calls.
  • The Video and the audio chats are with end-to-end encryption.
  • This Zoom has the feature in-built calendar, where you can record the meetings and it will also notify you of the meetings.
  • You can even record the meetings on your zoom and store them online and offline.
  • Moreover, you can easily merge the email or the outlook account effortlessly.
  • The conferrer can share their screen.
  • It is supported on Android, Windows, Mac, Linux.

These are the features offered by the Zoom cloud meeting, that are easy to access.

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We hope the methods that we have provided helped you to install the zoom on firestick, to attend the meetings, conferences and anymore along with its features.  If you have any doubts about how to zoom out on firestick, let us know in the comment section. Stay tuned to for more updates.

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