Tvzion: How to Install Tvzion on Firestick

Tvzion is an Android streaming application that offers you free movies and TV shows. TVZionis free for firestick and it also offers the premium service named TVZion club membership. The premium service of the TVZion is ad-free and the users of the TVZion claimed it offers faster streaming and also provides additional features.

When it comes to the free version of the app, that provides you the free content, that helps you to watch the latest movies, old movies, and even watch TV shows. But this free version comes with an advertisement, which is not much annoying but the people still don’t like those advertisements while they are streaming.


If you are looking install the TVZion on the firestick that allows you to stream free movies, TV shows. So, in this article, we will guide you on how to install tvzion on a firestick. So, keep reading this guide, so that you will not miss any information as we discuss the two best methods to download the tvzion app on the firestick.


How to Install Tvzion on Firestick?

However it is suggested that if you are a fire tv user then the tvzion app is the best application for the fire tv user, as the tvzion app is not available on Amazon, therefore, you need to download it from a third-party website. However to install the tvzion app, first, you have to install the downloader which can be used for downloading the apps from a third-party source.

We have to first enable the unknown source and the jailbreak source firestick before we are proceeding to the installation process of tvzion on Firestick.

  • In the Firestick, head to the home screen and open the “Settings” from the above menu.
  • Then Open “My Fire TV” after moving to the Right side.

how to install tvzion on firestick

  • By scrolling down select the “Developer Options”.

tvzion firestick

  • Now check if the “Unknown Source” is On or Off. If you have found it is off, you just highlight it and then press the select button on the remote.

tvzion app

  • Then it will be asked for the confirmation, then select Turn On.

how to download tvision app on firestick

Now you have enabled the unknown source and now we will move to the further instructions that are described below.

If you have enabled the jailbroken firestick and unknown resource enabled then we will go with how to install tvzion on firestick. Then follow the given below steps to do so.

  • If you are running any other apps, close the settings and other apps, and from the Home screen, select the “Search” or the Magnifying glass.

tvzion apk

  • By using the virtual keyboard that you can see, type “Downloader”.

tvzion apk mod

  • Choose the downloader app, from the given list.

tvzion alternative

  • Then, click on the “Download” button.

tvzion apk for firestick

  • Now, it will start downloading the downloader app and it will be automatically installed.
  • When you found that the Downloader app is installed, then you can simply click on the “Open to Launch”.

tvzion for pc

  • Then select the “Allow” option.

tvzion for firestick

  • You need to hover on the left panel after allowing the permission that you are allowing and then click on the  Settings. Check “Enable Javascript” from the right side.

tvzion for iphone

  • Here you will notice the simple box pops up. Now hover on the displayed box and then you have to remove all the content and then type “” and next click on the “Go” button.

tvzion app for iphone

  • After you have entered the “URL” now the downloader will try to find the file and then it connects to the server, when the server finds the connection it will automatically start downloading.

tvzion apk for iphone

  • You will see the installation window automatically when the tvzion window is downloaded automatically, from there simply click on the Install button.

tvzion app for android

  • After the app is installed click on Done but doesn’t open yet.

tvzion app for ipad

  • With the small box you will see the Downloader window and from these buttons click on the “Delete” button.
  • For your confirmation, it will again ask you to click on the “Delete” button.

tv zion app for roku

  • Now, when you click on the delete button, the file will be deleted which keeps your storage free. An original app will be installed already which allows access by heading to your Apps and Channels section.
  • Now, it will show the list of the installed apps and from there you can easily launch it.
  • When you are directly downloading TVZion from the downloader, sometimes you might face a server connection issue.
  • To avoid this problem, first, you need to install the file linked, and then from there, you can easily get the tvzion app.

How to set up TVZion on the FireStick using Filelinked Code?

If you are encountering the problem while downloading the Tvzion using the downloader then sometimes you might encounter the server connection problem. Moreover, if the above method doesn’t help you to install the Tvzion on the firestick then this is for those who might encounter the server connection error if you have already installed the app then you are done with it.

If you would like to download the app from a third-party website then file linked helps you to do so and fire-linked or DroidAdmin is a free application. However, this is the best app for the firestick users where you can find the store-like code that includes various apps like Live NetTV,  Redbox TV, Tea TV, Spectrum, Cinema HD, and many more, and even it offers IPTV services as well.

Note that as this app is not available on the Amazon store, therefore you need to get using the download app that we discussed above. After you have installed the File linked on your firestick, then you need to go through the below-given steps to install the Tvzion app on the firestick using the Firelink. Then follow the given below to do that.

  • Simply open the app after you have been installed the Filelinked.
  • Now, you will see the simple box type and then input the given code “74513484” after you have launched the file linked. and then click on the “Continue”.
  • You have to find the tvzion app from the list of the app that is available and then move down and then click on download or on the arrow near the TVZion.
  • Wait until it connects to the server, when it is connected it will start downloading.
  • It will automatically open the installation window while the file is downloaded successfully. But you should have to simply click on the install button.
  • After the installation process is completed, then simply click on “Open to launch the TVZion on firestick”.

tv zion app not working on firestick

With this, you have successfully installed the TVZion on the Firestick and you can watch your favorite TV shows and movies for free. According to the genres, it will show you all the movies so that you can find the movie that you want in an easy way moreover it supports the TVshows in the category wise.

It also offers you the Trakt collection and TMDB, which is toggle from the above menu. Then that could be found above you can choose between the TV show and movie. You will come across popular movies comedy, animated, and many more when you are selecting the type that you like.

On the TV, now click on any content that you want to play, and from the websites, it will search for the links and you will receive the list of the links so that you have to click on the link from there according to the resolution where you will find the 1080p, 720p, and 480p links.

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For those who would like to watch the latest movies and TV shows then tvzion or tvzion firestick is the best app for the firestick which is free of cost and won’t be asked you to pay but you may come across the ads. But for the add free streaming, you have to pay for purchasing the Zion club membership. If you have any doubts feel free to text us at GudTechTricks and stay tuned for more updates.

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