How to Add Real Debrid to Kodi?

Real Debrid is the unrestricted downloading service that allows you to download the files quickly that are hosted on the Internet and are used for the streaming apps and Kodi addons as well as firestick APKs. It is the paid but that costs effective which can dramatically enhance your streaming services.

You can able to download the files instantly at the best of your internet speed, which means the Real Debrid ensures the best links when you are downloading files and content. These are the free streaming links that are generated by the firestick apks and Kodi add-ons are not always the most reliable.

real debrid

For the paid version not less than $5/ month the user can integrate the Real-Debrid into their favorite streaming app and can be free of buffering. If you are encountering buffering, then the troypoint strongly suggests implementing the Real Debrid with the Kodi to eliminate the problems of buffering. It can give you access to dozens of links, therefore it is recommended to use the Real Bebrid with the supported streaming platforms.


How to Add Real Debrid to Kodi?

If you are encountering buffering problems when streaming, then it is strongly recommended to add real debrid to Kodi. If you don’t know to add it. Then in this article, we will discuss how to signup for the real debrid kodi .

How to Signup into the Real-Debrid?

Before signup into the real debrid, be aware that it can can record your IP address, log your streaming related data, and even when a request for legal investigations it will disclose the personal information to the judiciary authorities.

Therefore in no certain terms, all of these are stated in their Privacy policy. However it is suggested to use the VPN and that even works great with the FireStick and the Kodi, to avoid legal troubles. Express VPN is the best and more secure, fastest, and most friendly streaming VPN. This VPN, via., real debrid will encrypt and hide all your streaming activities.

To sign-up for the Real-Debrid is very, then follow the given steps to do so.

  • Click on the given link to sign up for the real debrid kodi.
  • Now, here you have to choose the plan that you want to start with.

real debrid kodi

  • During the sign-up process, you will be asked to provide your email address and you have to create your username and password. It will send the link to the provided email address there you have to click on the provided link to validate your account.

After signup into the real debrid kodi then you have to set up the real debrid on kodi.

How to Setup the Real Debrid on Kodi?

Before setting up on kodi, make sure you have to install the addon with which you want to use the real debrid kodi. To setup the real debrid on kodi follow the given below steps.

With one or both of the following dependencies, you have to set up the real debrid on the kodi. The dependencies are listed below

  • Resolve URL.
  • URL Resolver.

These are the steps to do so.

  • On your Kodi home screen, for settings choose the gear icon on the top-left corner.

real debrid device

  • Now, hover on the System and click on it to open.

how to add real debrid to kodi

  • On the bottom-left section, select the Advanced.

how to add real debrid to kodi

  • Then click on the add-ons > Manage Dependies (Note: It will appear until you choose the “Advanced” option in the previous section).

real debrid firestick

  • Now, click on the ResolveURL by scrolling down.

Note: Skip the “Click on the URL Resolver” if you didn’t found the Resolve URL.

real-debrid downloader

  • Choose the Configure option.

real debrid auto downloader

  • In the menu, Now, highlight the tab “Universal Resolvers”.

real debrid device limit

  • Head down and select the section “Real Debrid”, in the middle of the section. Now first, you need to select the priority Value to 90.

real debrid device code not working

  • Next, click on the (Re) authorize my account.

real debrid login

  • With the Real Debrid authorization code you will view the prompt window.

real debrid login device

  • Now, you have to visit the ““.
  • Then you have to input the prompt that you have viewed on the above prompt.
  • Click on “Continue”.
  • Now, you have to sign in or login into the account if you are not login already.

real debrid login page

  • In the upper right corner, kodi will display the following confirmation upon the successful authorization.

real debrid home page

  • Now you have to Repeat Steps 1 to 4(where you have clicked Managed Dependencies).

real debrid down

  • Then click on the URL Resolver.
  • If you didn’t find the URL Resolver and have done the above steps i.e., up to successful authorization successfully. Then there is no need for you to proceed further.

real debrid downloader

  • Follow steps 6-12.

After setting up the real debrid on kodi, then you have to use the real debrid on the kodi.

How to Use Real Debrid with Kodi?

To use the Real Debrid with the kodi, as usual, you have to use the addons and you will find several new premium streaming links. Therefore you don’t need anything special to use the Real-Debrid on kodi.

real debrid download history

In the real debrid device you will come across a ton of the real debrid links, therefore click on any of the links to start watching. From the free links by color, you can differentiate the real debrid links by color. To will notice that the links are appearing the various colors like Green, yellow anymore.

How to set up and use the real debrid on the Amazon FireStick?

Real debrid firestick is supported on a wide range of Amazon Apk like Nova TV, CinemaHD, and many more. Whatever, on each individual app you have to set up the real-debrid. Moreover, the setup process is the same for every app.

Therefore in this guide let us consider how to set up the real debrid on the Cinema HD app. To do so follow the given below steps.

  • Now open the Cinema HD app and click on the hamburger menu by heading to the upper-left section.
  • On the menu, click on Settings.

real debrid download manager android

  • Click the option related to login to debrid.

real debrid download port secure

  • Now, this app will display the window that contains the authorization code.
  • On your computer now open the browser to visit the “”.
  • On your Firestick, type the code and then click on “continue”.

real debrid download movies

  • As you have to wait for few seconds, the real debrid login status would change to “Authorised”.

real debrid down now

  • Now, via., debrid on firestick you will ready to start the streaming.
  • There in the higher resolution, you will find several new links. To stream, you can simply select the link and then start streaming.

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From the premium services, real debrid device gives you access to the high-quality streaming links. Moreover, it can work on with the firestick addons and with the variety of the Firestick APK’s. If you have any doubts, feel free to text us at GudTechTricks and stay tuned for more updates.

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