What is Troypoint? What is Troypoint Rapid App Installer?

Troypoint is the App or the website that helps you to download and install all the free streaming apps and tools in a few minutes. This one troypoint work on all kinds of android devices like Fire TV Stick, NVIDIA shield, Android Boxes, Phones, and tablets, and many more.

In the Troypoint there is a RapidApp installer which is an all-in-one streaming app installer that hosts the best app for all the devices. There are nearly 40 streaming apps in the Rapid App Installer that are used for movies, live TV shows Cleaning, security, and much more. For getting the latest updates the applications are updated weekly.

troypoint rapid app installer

You will come to know troypoint if you are using the firestick which is the famous website that is on the top list. But the users are worried if the troypoint is safe to use and doesn’t it contain any malware, do I use it for the downloads, and many more. So, to clarify your doubts keep reading this article we will discuss how you use the troypoint before concluding.


What is Troypoint?

As we discussed above, troypoint helps you to install the free streaming apps and the tools that serve the users of the Firestick. When you search for the troypoint, there you come across their youtube channel, Facebook, Twitter, and any other pages too. Bu the main goal of this website is to provide and install and the other stuff related to the Fire TV stick.

Moreover, it also offers other services like Triypoint Rapid Installer, and also it provides the supercharge guide for free and it offers a feature which is quite a good feature to order the T-Shirt which can be designed by the users themselves.

troypoint iptv

Troypoint downloader application is used, on the fire, TV Stick 4K, Fire TV Cube, and other devices to side-load the third-party application. But the one problem is that the troypoint is not developed by them and it is developed by the team of the AFTV News. To look like they are the real owner,  they have modified this app system file, logo.

As they have the icon instead of the troypoint, you will notice the is can view the AFTV News icon. This might make you to worry, but don’t be panic this application is safe to use.

Is Troypoint Safe?

Troypoint doesn’t promote or support any sort of illegal application or any other malicious app, and therefore it is completely safe to use. However, it is named as the safe website and doesn’t contain any kind of records at all. And many of the users who had tried the troypoint, claims that they didn’t find any sort of infection for their files and found nothing there all apps are safe.

But be aware to use the VPN all the time whenever you are trying to install a third-party app for the movies or many other TV shows. Because these third-party apps may contain some illegal links from the websites or copyright content that is illegal to access.

What is Troypoint Rapid App Installer?

Rapid App Installer is the new application introduced by troypoint iptv. Where this Rapid installer App is used to download or install a various third-party applications for free such as Cinema HD, Tea TV, Kodi, and many more. Many of the users claimed that the app is up-to-date and it changes to the latest version, whenever the app receives the update. By simply going to the Rapid App INstaller the users can easily update to the latest version and download the latest version.

what is troypoint

Rapid App installer is the best app as it is easy to install and download the app. But some of the users reported that they are getting the parser error. So, when you are encountering this type of error then it is better to use the alternative app called the Aptoide TV which is also developed for the Firestick meanwhile you can even cast to firestick with it.

Reviews of Troypoint

To get all sorts of the tutorial related to the FireTV Stick and Kodi, then troy point is a quite amazing place. But, the users of the troypoint claiming from the past few months are not uploading the content and even the repositories links they are uploaded are not working.

instead of these, And the advertisements of the IPvanish are noticed too many, as the advertisements cover the more content it is hard to read the tutorial. Moreover, as the article is too short it is hard to understand and the points are described properly.

troypoint rapid app installer

As the IPVanish ads cover more content and it makes it hard to read and understand, this is one of the bugs this website is known for. As the users are fed up with this then they can look for troypoint rapid app installer and another alternative app.


To learn new tips and tricks for the FireTVstick, FireTV Cube and Chromecast then try troypoint is the best app. They are promoting IPVanish as the content is outdated. If you have any doubts, please text us in the comment section and stay tuned to GudTechTricks for more updates.

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