How to Install Ola TV On Firestick

To watch the Live TV channels on the Firestick and finding the best that suits the firestick but your cant find it. And many of the users claimed to tat their used various applications for a long time and unluckily all of them were shut down. But through a thorough search, I have found the best app “Ola TV” which is best to watch the Live TV channels on the firestick.

OLa TV is the Live streaming that provides you the hundreds of Cable TV channels. You can stream the local as well as national channels from the United States and provides the host of India, Canada, UAE, Brazil  UK, and many more. Now-defunct Relax TV  is replaced by the OlaTV, which is the most popular.

ola tv

If you are using or own any one of the devices like FireTVstick, FireTV2nd, 3rd generation, and the Fire TV cube then you can simply follow this guide as the Ola TV works fine on these devices.


How to Install the Ola TV on FireStick?

Through a thorough search on the Firestick and found it worthy and you may wonder how to install it on your device. But due to some reasons it doesn’t meet the privacy of the policies of amazon, this app is not available on Amazon and you have to install it through any third-party source.

First, on your device, you have enabled the unknown source before we proceed to the installation. This is similar to Android Security and this feature restricts users from installing any app that is being downloaded from the internet. You are enabling this unknown source to avoid the users from the installation of the Malware and be aware that this option doesn’t mean that you are doing anything illegal. If you don’t know how to enable the unknown source on your device then follow the given below steps to do so.

  • In the forestick, navigate to the home screen and open the settings from the above menu.
  • Then head to the right side, and open the “My fireTV”.

ola tv apk

  • By scrolling down, select the option “Developer Options”.

how to install ola tv on firestick

  • Now, you need to check if the “Unknown Source” is On or Off. If you have found that it is Off then you have to Highlight it and then on the remote simply press the Select Button.

ola tv on firestick

  • It will ask for Confirmation. Then select the “Turn On”.

ola tv 9 on firestick

Now, you have enabled the unknown source and now we will head to the further instructions that are described below.

Install the Ola App on Firestick using the Downloader App

If you are enabled by an unknown source on your device, We have to install the Ola app to stream the Live TV channels on the Firestick. However, we need an app to download the Ola TV on the firestick. Then we will download the app name “DOwnloader” to install the Ola app on the firestick.

You will not face any issues while using the remote as it is quite easy to use and that offers a decent and simple user interface. Simply follow the given below steps to download the Downloader and install the ola tv on firestick.

  • Now, head to the Home page and take your cursor over the search or magnifying glass icon.

download ola tv 9 on firestick

  • By using the virtual keyword that you can view, type “Downloader”.

ola tv 9 on firestick

  • Choose the downloader app, from the given list.

download ola app

  • Click on the “Download” button.

download ola auto app

  • However, when it is started downloading the app, it will be installed automatically.
  • when you have found the installation is completed, then you can just click on the “Open to launch”.

ola auto app download apk

  • Then “Select” allow.

ola auto app download install

  • Select “OK”.

ola app not working

  • Then type this URL “” and then click on “Go”.

ola app not working today

  • Now you will that the Downloader is trying to connect to the internet. Once it established the network connection it will start downloading you will see the download status there.

ola app not working on android

  • wait for a while you the app is downloaded you will see the installation window there. Click on the Install button when the window appears.

ola app not available on this device

  • It will few moments, when an app is installed simply click on the “Done” button.

ola app download free download

  • Once you click on Done, with the lightbox having the three different options it will show the downloader app.

ola app download free download for android

  • On the next screen, it asks for your confirmation to delete, then clicks on the Delete button.

ola app download for pc

  • Now, from the device, the apk file will be removed. As it occupies some storage on the firestick, make sure to always delete the backup files as it occupies some storage on the firestick. when the firestick is full of storage then you might face the issue like

How to Use the Ola TV on Firestick?

If you have installed the Ola TV on the firestick, then we wi go ahead with how to use this app. So, here we will discuss how to use the Ola TV on the firestick. Then follow the given below steps to do so.

  • Once you have installed the app, on the home screen you may not see the icon of the Ola TV. In such a case, you will simply move to the Apps & Channels section and then click on the See All. On the other, you can also press and hold the home button for few seconds and select Apps from the next screen.

ola app download for pc windows 7

  • Now, we see all the listed apps installed on your device, and by heading the navigation key hover to the OlaTV icon, and then you have to click on the menu button after you have viewed the options then select and press the “move to the front”.

ola app apk download for android

  • You may ask for the permissions to access the photos, Media, Files, etc., as we are launching it for the first time, and make sure to allow them.

ola app download for iphone

  • After this process, the home screen of the Ola TV will be appearing there from where you can view the list of the available channels.
  • By the category or the depending on the countries it will show the channels. To move towards any channel you can simply use the navigation key.
  • from the remote just click on the select button and it will ask to choose the media player for streaming. Other than this, From the left side, you can click on the Horizontal menu and it also shows other menus. From here you can easily head to the settings, feature the channels, and so on.

How to update the Ola TV on firestick?

Even after the installation of the Ola TV, it will ask for updates to acquire the new features, new channels, and many more. As the updating is necessary to the proper functioning of the app and also a necessary part in case if you want to enjoy watching the favorite channels free of cost.

As the Ola TV is a third-party app then there is no need to worry you can update it by following the below-given steps.

  • First, delete the old Ola TV version.
  • Open the Downloader.
  • Then type “”.
  • Now, the app will start downloading.
  • After the App is downloaded, click on the install.
  • Be with patience, until the process is completed.
  • After the process is completed, click on “Done”
  • Now you have to delete the Backup files.
  • Then, click on the “Launch App”.
  • On the FireTV you have successfully updated the Ola TV app.

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Within a few minutes, this is the simple and the easiest method that is provided with the screenshots to install the Ola TV apk or ola tv on firestick. . If you have any doubts feel free to text us at GudTechTricks and stay tuned for more updates.

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