iPhone 6 Says No Service issue Solved


iPhone 6 searching for service or no service

iPhone 6 says no service: How to repair and solve the iPhone 6 without service, without coverage, searching or with error -1 in iTunes. The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, in addition to being characterized by having supposed a complete renovation in the design and a change in the policy that Apple had been following with these devices in terms of its size, has also created fame among its users for the numerous problems like iphone 6 says no service and breakdowns that his new design has brought with him.

We can mention in this aspect the well-known “bendgate” that affected the iPhone 6; a combination of large size and a thin profile of malleable aluminum caused that with a certain pressure, the phone could be bent generating serious doubts about the quality of Apple’s latest smartphone.

iphone 6 says no service

Another big problem that these terminals have presented has been the so-called “Touch disease” or “disease of the tactile” , a defect in the design factory that has had so much global impact, that the company itself of the bitten apple has been forced to act and offer solutions to customers who suffer this problem, there are some means like mobile iPhone Repair Portland and other countries but the problems with these devices like iphone 6 says no service. If you want to know how to solve the problem of touch on an iPhone 6 and 6 Plus maybe you are interested in visiting our post on the subject.

iPhone 6 says no service

If there were many problems that have accumulated to the iPhone 6 since birth, now appears on the scene another evil that begins to present dimensions of another possible “pandemic”; is the problem of coverage or signal in these terminals, showing “no service” or “searching” messages that leave the phone completely incommunicado and unable to find mobile networks even with excellent coverage in the area.

The symptoms that usually presents the terminal that suffers this problem can range from not finding networks permanently to present the problem randomly or to solve temporarily after a complete reboot of the system. Many users thinking that the problem could have originated in the computer software come to the restoration with iTunes obtaining an error -1 that leaves the terminal completely unusable.

Recommended Solutions to iPhone 6 no service fix

Here are some of the troubleshooting methods in order to fix the no service issue for iphone 6.

Reboot your iPhone

  • Press and hold the Power (Sleep/Wake) button.
  • Drag the slider to power off the iPhone.

Remove and re-insert the SIM card

Simply remove and insert the sim card again to check the network service.

Disable Airplane Mode

  •  Settings-> Airplane Mode
  • Turn OFF

How to solve the problem of coverage or “without service”

Before throwing our hands to our heads and thinking that our device presents this new “disease” we can follow the indications and advice offered by Apple support and try to solve the problem. Who knows? Maybe you’re the lucky one of the day.

If it is not your case and despite following the instructions of the manufacturer you can not solve the problem, I regret to tell you that you are facing another iPhone case with coverage failure or “no service”.

What to do now?

Luckily we can communicate that the problem has an easy solution, well, not so much, and that happens to go to a specialized technical service that can perform the necessary procedure to bring back to life the connectivity in your fabulous and expensive Apple device. Precisely we know one! Can you imagine which one?

iphone 6 searching for service

What is this procedure? We show you in the image the component responsible for this problem, always ruling out other possible faults. It is a Qualcomm IC commonly called a modem and it manages the radio frequency of these mobile devices.

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The fault is caused by a defect in the weld acquired during its use either by breakage of the same or by accumulation of oxidation in its base. Solution? We must lift or remove the chip from the board, clean the base well, reconstruct the chip solder and solder it again. Easy! True?

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