How to Delete Instagram Photos on Mac


How to delete photos on Instagram

Want to know about how to delete instagram photos on mac. There are several reasons to want to delete photos on Instagram: You no longer like those previous images that you have shared; you consider that some of them do not have the same quality as others; You have decided to refocus all your photos under a single theme or maybe you want to delete compromising photos or that could put your Instagram privacy at risk.

In case you ever change your mind about the photos you’ve uploaded to Instagram, today we’ll see how you can hide or delete a photo on Instagram forever . Of course, we are referring to the photos that you have uploaded and not to those of other users.

How to Delete Instagram Photos on Mac

Until recently, Instagram only allowed you to completely erase the photos. Then I added the option to archive photos that temporarily hide them , so you can recover them later, if you want. We will see how to do it with the Instagram application, because the functionality has not been included for now in the web version.

How to Delete Instagram Photos on Mac

No matter what the reason, the steps below will teach you how to delete your photos on Instagram.

Follow them and remove the content that you no longer want to appear in your account in this photographic and social network.

  • Enter your profile on Instagram

Open the Instagram application on your iPhone or Android phone. Next, press the icon that resembles a business card, which appears in the lower area of ​​the screen. If you already know how to edit your Instagram profile , you will recognize this icon easily.

  • Find the photo you want to delete

Instagram will now show you your profile. Below your profile picture and mini biography you will see the latest photos that you have taken and published on this social network. These photos will be arranged chronologically, showing you the most recent ones first.

Find the photo you want to delete. If it is one that you took some time ago, you should search among the oldest ones. When you have found it, click on it to select it.

  • Open the options menu

Below the photo that you just selected you will see three buttons. The first one will be the Like or Like button . Then you will see the button to write comments.
The third button will be the one that will help you to delete that photo. This button is identified by three points or circles. Click on that last button and continue with the next step.

  • Delete your photo

Now you will see a menu with different options. In this case, the option that interests you is the Delete button . Click on that button to delete the desired photo. After doing this, that photo will be removed from your Instagram account. I recommend deleting photos when you have a stable Internet connection. Otherwise this process could be interrupted and your photo could remain in your account. To be sure, check your profile after a few minutes to make sure that the photo is no longer part of the set of images you’ve shared.

  • Delete other photos

If you want to delete more photos you will have to repeat the steps you just read, starting with number 2. Instagram does not allow you to erase photos in a massive way so you should delete photos one by one. With this you will know how to delete Instagram photos on mac.

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Important considerations

  • If you have shared an Instagram photo on other networks and social sites such as Facebook, Tumblr or Flickr, and then delete that photo on Instagram, that image will still exist on those networks where you have shared it. You must then visit each of them to be able to eliminate them. This is because many of them create a copy of this image on their servers.
  • You may have set up the Instagram application to keep a copy of your images in the memory of your mobile phone. If this is your case, you should also search among those files to delete it, if it is a photo that you do not want anyone else to see. Otherwise, this photo will still exist among the files stored on your phone or mobile device.
  • While there are sites to view and share Instagram photos and even apps like Instagrille to use Instagram from your PC , you will not be able to delete your photos from them either. This is due to the way Instagram authorizes other sites to access your photos.

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