How To Repair A Bow In Minecraft 2021

Are you a minecraft lover? Want to know how to repair a bow in Minecraft. Minecraft is developed by the Mojang is a popular sandbox video game. In Minecraft, game players create and break the various kinds of blocks in the three-dimensional world. In this you will have two main modes – they are Survival mode and the Creative mode.

When it comes to the survival mode, players must find the own building supplies and food. In the creative mode, Players are the given supplies and to survive they don’t eat anything. And they can also break all kinds of blocks immediately.

how to repair a bow in minecraft

The bow in Minecraft is the weapon that is used to killing enemies and hunting animals. So, in this article, we will learn how to repair a bow in Minecraft. This can also be used in the free minecraft account as it works for every accounts and you can Continue reading this article if you would like, how to repair a bow in Minecraft.


How to Repair a Bow in Minecraft 1.14?

There are two types of bows in Minecraft, one is an Ordinary Bow, and the other enchanted bow. It doesn’t matter what type of bow you are using. If your bow breaks into pieces,  keep continuing reading this article we will try to fix the issue of how to repair a bow in Minecraft.

If you would like to repair the bow in Minecraft, the bow in Minecraft can be repaired in two methods. One involves the Anvil while the other by using the crafting table. That process is discussed as below how to repair a bow in Minecraft or how to repair a bow in Minecraft pc.

How to Craft the Anvil in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, Anvil is necessary to fix the enchanted equipment that also includes the bow. Whereas the Anvil is required to combine and rename items that are available in your inventory, in this Minecraft you can also know how to change minecraft skin in all editions. So, you have these items i.e., 4 iron ingots and the 3 iron blocks if you would like to craft an Anvil in your Inventory box.

how to repair a bow in minecraft 1.14

  • Open the Crafting table of the grid 3×3.
  • As shown above,  arrange the 4 iron ingots and the 3 iron blocks in the pattern.
  • This process will craft you an Anvil.

Using Anvil Fix the Bow

From your inventory, open the Anvil. In the first slot, but the bow that you want to repair and the unit of material used to make the bow in the second slot. Without stripping its enchantments, now the anvil will fix the bow for you.

In the inventory box, if you have two or more enchanted bows, then by using the inventory you can combine them, this will take some of your XPs. But when compared to the previous bows, the resulting bow has more power and durability.

If you have the ordinary bow, then you can also merge the ordinary bow with your enchanted bow. This combination will result in a more durable enchanted bow.

how to repair a bow in minecraft pc

Note: While the level required for enchanting is 30, then anvil must accept the jobs up to the level of 39.

Using the Crafting Table How to Repair a Bow in Minecraft?

From the inventory box to the craft table, drop the two regular bows. Then repairing the bow in the crafting will make the resultant bow more durable and even strong. Therefore, on the crafting table, you can easily repair the ordinary bow.

how to repair a bow in minecraft pc

For fixing the ordinary bow then the crafting table good, because in the Crafting table it makes those an ordinary bow with a slight enhancement bow when you try to fix the enhancements in the bow in the crafting table. So, the crafting table is not a good idea for repairing the  Enchantment bow.

how to repair a bow in minecraft with a crafting table

Note: During the crafting of the enchants equipment, their enchantment will not preserve if you don’t use the Anvil.

When Should I use the crafting table?

As we discussed earlier the crafting table is not the main repairing method but you have to go for the crafting table when you don’t have the required requirements for crafting the Anvil. Whereas the crafting table only results in the new items and also it replaces old bows. Also in the Minecraft there are some things to do in Minecraft with your friends and family, simply have a look at it too.

Why Do Bows Break?

In the middle of the game, if you have found the bow is broken it feels annoying. And might have thinking why does the bow breaks in Minecraft. First, you have to understand how the game works. In Minecraft, every item has the Hitpoint(HP), whenever you use the things it goes down.

It loses its stats when you use the bow extremely. When you use it extremely it runs out of health as a result it breaks down. To make it work back again you have to repair it or craft the new one.


Minecraft repair bow is very simple but as the beginners don’t have the idea, they don’t know how to repair it. So, this article will help you how to repair a bow in Minecraft or how to repair a bow on a Minecraft pc. Visit GudTechTricks for more information. If you have any doubts feel free to text us in the comment section and stay tuned for more updates.

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