How to Change Minecraft Skin by PC, Web & Java Editions

How to Change Minecraft Skin? Do you know the most lovable game is none other than Minecraft? Yes, many people feel passionate to play such a wonderful game. You can play as a character or alien throughout the game. That means just by tapping the F5 key, you can see yourselves on the screen. But the point comes when you like or prefer to change Minecraft skin. Is it possible?

Of course!!! The answer is yes. There are certain steps to be followed. Anyhow those were mentioned here in simple terminology. Whether you are on PC or Mac doesn’t matter!! You have a chance to change the skin of Minecraft with high perfection. The image posted below is none other than a typical Minecraft character named Steve. This is basically a default character created initially by developers.

how to change minecraft skin

To make the game more interesting, or to make you look good on the screen, just simply tap F5. By doing so you can able to change the view of the character on the screen. Besides this, the process to change the skin of the character is very simple and easy to learn. By having a note of all these, let us concentrate on simple steps provided below on how to change minecraft skin that might help you to change Minecraft skin taking a very little period of time.


How to Change Minecraft Skin 

Well, now we have directly come to the point. Basically, changing Minecraft skin can be done in different ways. How???? We are going to learn here. The process involved in every method of How to Change Minecraft Skin very much simple and easy to understand. So, get ready!!!! Try to follow the instructions carefully and implement the same on how to change minecraft skin.

How to Change Skin in Minecraft java edition [Desktop Edition]

Usually, if you see today there is no chance of changing the Minecraft skin right inside the java launcher. Because it is temporarily disabled. But still, there is a chance to change skin in PC/ desktop without facing any kind of issue. How? You must and should follow the instructions provided here and implement the same.

  • There are only two simple or basic instructions to be followed if you like to undergo the process involved in how to change skin in Minecraft. Yes, absolutely!!! Depending on your choice whether feeling to pick the new skin or changing the skin to the featured ones available in the built-in skin chooser.
  • Or if you think and likely to download various skins available online or the web respectively.

I hope the instructions are very clear on how to change minecraft skin. Now its time to learn more interesting facts about how to change your Minecraft skin updated over here.

Changing Minecraft Skin In-Game

How to Change Minecraft Skin? After undergoing the most recent updates, changing Minecraft skin has become simpler and easier. That means now you are all set to change it to either selecting the featured one or pre-selected skin available within the game. All this is possible with the help of the feature called skin chooser.

Just simply tap on the clothes hanger image that appeared right below the Minecraft character on the main title screen.

how to change your minecraft skin

Once you select, there is a chance to preview and again can select various skins without any fail. Skins more in number however available for free. But only some must be opened or unlocked through the Minecraft coins respectively.

how to change skin in minecraft

Yes, actually you can easily identify whether the skin is available for free or should be unlocked through Minecraft coins. This is why because, the skins that are not free were marked in terms of the white lock icon. That’s all!!!!

How to Change Skin in Minecraft with Downloads through the Web

The good news is you are no more limited to the skins. This is why because, one can identify these skins through the feature called skin chooser. There might be various varieties of skins available on the web. However, most of them were created and shared by numerous Minecraft players respectively.

Besides this, the process of locating as well as equally downloading new and interesting Minecraft skins over the Web is not that difficult. I am saying this because you are strictly allowed to follow the below steps and implement the same.

Step1: Download the New Skins

Minecraft images actually appear very tiny in PNG format. And uninstalled skin, however, looks like the unassembled paper dolls.

how to change skin in minecraft java edition

You have a chance to download skins anywhere in sites like MinecraftSkins or Skindex respectively. It doesn’t matter where you are undergoing the download process.

how to change your skin in minecraft

The only thing must and should remember where exactly you have downloaded and what is the name of the folder. If you have changed the file names, it makes it very much easy to organize the collection in a particular order.

Step2: Login to

Once you are ready with the new skin, go to your profile available in the Tap on the profile button and try to get login through the Mojang account. [the username you like to enter is none other than the registered email id].

how to change minecraft skin cracked

Step3: Upload the Skin to the Profile Page

After obtaining the successful login, tap on the browse button. Right there you can easily identify or locate the skin. Select, upload and wait till you get the confirmation message.

how to change minecraft skin java 1.16

Step4: Enter Minecraft and Try the skin you have selected in previous

Now all you have to do is log in to your game. If you’re playing the game, leave over and enter again. Load the world and tap on F5 that allows you to notice or locate the new skin on the screen. Looking very much fancy? Or the world you like to change?

how to change minecraft skin in game

Step5: Customize the Skin through the Menu

As we all know the latest update on how to change minecraft skin has come with various skins including separate items like jackets, hats or coats, you are no more in need of installing other mods. Just follow here.

If you think over and likely to customize the skin, move to the button called options-> and then select skin customization. Moreover, remember one specific point as recent skins were very much compatible with the Minecraft latest updates!!!!

how to change minecraft skin

With this you will know How to Change Skin in Minecraft by downloads.


In my point, let me tell you the process involved in How to Change Minecraft Skin and steps mentioned over here is very simple. If you still face any trouble in changing Minecraft skin or failed to understand the process involved in how to change Minecraft Skin, don’t get panic!!! Just relax and drop a single comment. As soon as we see, come forward and guide you. Like, share with all your friends or also can post this at any of your social profiles for helping someone in changing Minecraft skin perfectly. Stay tuned to GudTechTricks for more updates and to learn more interesting facts!!!:

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