How to Fix the Exodus Redux Not Working?

When it comes to the popularity addons of the Kodi, there come two popular add-ons Exodus V8 and the Exodus Redux. that have been streaming quality content for many years. But the users still face many streaming problems that could lead to the error exodus redux not working, though there is a strong developer team behind this to popular add-ons.

Some of the users reported that, when they are trying to watch their favorite shows on Kodi, all of a sudden they have came across the error message “exodus redux not working” and a few hours later it working as usual.

exodus redux not working

Well, while you are using the Exodus V8, and the Exodus Redux, you might come across these errors. then in this article, we have discussed the common problems and the errors that cause the issue exodus redux no stream available. So let’s start and fix exodus redux not working.


How to Fix the Exodus Redux Not Working?

Now we will how to fix the issue of exodus not working that you might come across while watching the shows on your Kodi and can be solved easily as well. As the users had reported that they might encounter this issue because of the cache and while face this issue if they are not using the VPN.

And also if the users have not clear the term files then they might come across these errors even after using the VPN and also clear the cache of the Exodus. Then keep reading this article and check why this issue is encountering on your device. Follow the given below steps on exodus redux not working to know the reason behind it.

Update the Exodus Redux

As the Developers have updated the Exodus and discontinued the previous version, then the addons might stop working and encounters the error exodus redux tv shows not working. In such cases, you need to update to the latest version. Therefore to get rid of this error, you have kept the Redux updated all the time.

If you have disabled the auto-update on your device, then there is no need to worry we have provided the steps to check for the update.

  • On the firestick, launch the Kodi. From the right panel, click on the Add-ons section.

exodus redux no stream available

  • Now, simply click on the Package installer (Box icon) near the settings icon.

exodus not working

  • Then, select the “My add-ons” section.

exodus redux tv shows not working

  • Slowly scroll down and then head to the Video Add-ons.

exodus redux not working on firestick

  • From the list of the installed add-ons, find the Exodus Redux and select it.

exodus redux not working on kodi 19

  • Under its name(Exodus Redux on the top) you will see the information of the Addon, on the next screen. and its version. Note down the current version and then click on the update button.

exodus redux not working on kodi 19.0

  • A popup window will pop up with the list of the all the versions. Simply, check out the above version and compare it with your latest version. If you have found that the number is changed then click on it and then the add-on will start updating.

exodus redux not working on matrix

  • You will receive the notification on the top right corner saying “Addon updated” when the Exodus is updated.

Once you have the addon is updated then you have to restart the Kodi and try playing the videos and check if the issue is resolved or not.

Use the VPN

It might fetch the link with the web, as the Exodus Kodi is the free add-on for streaming the content. If your internet provider found that you are streaming the content for free, then he stops it that controls your speed that might lead to the buffering on the Kodi. Get the Kodi VPN to get rid of the error. It is suggested to use the Express VPN as it most reliable and preferable VPN in the market.

When using the VPN, it hides your Kodi traffic and doesn’t allow the provider to know about it. If you are streaming anything on Kodi, then it might not be known by your service provider and it won’t allow your ISP to control your internet speed.

Clear the Cache of Add-on

You have to follow the given below steps for exodus redux not working if you have found that your add-on is running slowly and or it is not running stream but in spite showing it in the library.

  • Launch the Kodi on your device.
  • Click on the Add-ons tab.

exodus redux not working on no limits build

  • Now head to the video add-ons and select “Exodus”.

exodus redux not working on xbox one

  • Then, click on the Tools.

exodus redux not working for tv shows

  • Click on the Clear provider option > Click on “Yes”.

exodus redux not working 2021

  • Then click on the “Clear Cache” option and click “Yes”.

exodus redux not working reddit

These clear your cache. Now reboot the Kodi and check if the Kodi is working properly or not.

Exodus Kodi Addon: Rebirth

This is not at all expected that sometimes your Exodus addon will work all of the sudden. As the Kodi Exodus appears with the updated library and it works quite well. The streams of the exodus are of high quality and for some content, there might be the availability of the 4k quality.

As no one in the community predicted it, this reemergence of the Exodus Kodi add-on is unforeseen. Almost every week, the exodus has been appearing and shut down by the same space. And Everyone thought that the Exodus Kodi add-on and its predecessor Covenant Kodi add-on have been done for good. You can download and install them through the same method you have installed previously as the exodus Kodi is back into the game.

Alternative of Exodus Kodi

Exodus is one of the best and the most favorite add-on on Kodi. You have to double-check if you are using the correct repositories for the Exodus V8 and Exodus Redux before choosing the alternative. Nonetheless, you can go for any one of the best Kodi alternative addons to the Exodus.

  • Tempest.
  • Venom.
  • Marauder.
  • Neptune Rising
  • The Oath.
  • Covenant.
  • Numbers.
  • Castaway.
  • Seren 2.0.
  • The crew.

These are some of the addons that you can try as an alternative to the Exodus V8 and Exodus Redux on Kodi.

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As many of the users of Kodi are unaware of the Exodus V8 and Exodus Redux, hope you find this article exodus redux not working. And the above troubleshooting method might help you to fix the error exodus redux not working while you are streaming on Kodi. If you have any doubts on exodus redux not working feel free to text us at GudTechTricks and stay tuned for more updates.

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