The Fortnite multiverse: Pac-Man will also have its official skin in the battle royale

Yes Doctor Strange didn’t meet your cameo expectations, you can still find epic crossovers in the gaming industry, especially in Fortnitebecause the popular battle royale developed by Epic Games each month brings a new addition to its platform. Now, it has been reported that, after the arrival of Obi-Wan Kenobithe following participation will be nothing … Read more

WhatsApp: what is the true meaning of the emoji of the face with a flirtatious smile?

Although in WhatsApp and other messaging apps we can communicate through text messages, photos, videos, memes, stickers and GIFs; on the platform we also have the popular emoji that help us express feelings, emotions, ideas or represent something that we can describe with words. One of the most shared is the flirtatious smiley face emoticon … Read more