WhatsApp: what is the true meaning of the emoji of the face with a flirtatious smile?

Although in WhatsApp and other messaging apps we can communicate through text messages, photos, videos, memes, stickers and GIFs; on the platform we also have the popular emoji that help us express feelings, emotions, ideas or represent something that we can describe with words. One of the most shared is the flirtatious smiley face emoticon … Read more

How to see a bigger Instagram profile picture?

Instagram is today one of the social media most popular in the world and little by little adds new functions that make it an application with infinite possibilities, offering options to share content, create virtual communities, be in contact with followers or simply show our daily life, through photos, videos and stories. However, there are … Read more

Original or fake AirPods? The litmus tests you must do

AirPods are experiencing remarkable success in the broad music accessory market. Although there are a variety of options for headphones bluetooth, and the fact that Apple has just confirmed the end of the iPod, these little gadgets continue to edge closer to being the most recognizable in the industry. Of course, as with every blockbuster … Read more