Top 5 Web Browsers for Android Mobiles


Best Browser for Android:

Web Browsers commonly known as a browser is a software application which is used to retrieve, present and transfer the information through “World Wide Web”. In order to search some data in a mobile phone, we need an app which retrieves the data for that web browsers are hosted in mobiles. There are many web browsers which acts as a search engines. But to search any thing in phone it takes more time to load a page which is simply time waste so am here to tell you above the 5 best web browsers for Android phones which can search the information in less time with fast speed. The popular one browser for Android phones is given in this article. 

Android Browsers:

Here are the best Android web browsers or best mobile web browser which are listed below:

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a free web browser, which is developed for the Windows, Linux, operating systems. Firefox is available in the 79 languages and the Android version of Mozilla takes 22MB size to download. After installing this best mobile browser we can even update it to latest version of Mozilla.

Google Chrome

Google chrome is the most popular browser which is designed with the upgrading technologies so that it creates a faster speed. Google chrome is available in 53 languages, this Android web browser can be updated to the new version of Google which is available for Windows and Linux OS.

Next Browser

Next Browser has been choosen for many unknown applications. It provides you fast and smooth web surfing. It’s totally a free app available in “Google play store”. It is one of the Android best browser because of its lightness and attractive interface extensions. This internet browser has the ability to import all bookmarks and is available with full customizable home page where we can quickly access the information.


Opera is a best android browser which was developed by the opera software. Opera has really made the searching a simple process. With this we can swipe the page from up and down button. This version runs with the Microsoft Windows and uses the blink layout and even works with Linux. This browser is available for Android, IOS, Bada, BlackBerry etc you may also get the free version of this.

Dolphin Browser

Best browser Android is the dolphin browser which is fastest Android Browser with HD 100%. Safe and latest android apps dolphin browser is fast and easy to use in the android phones which was developed by the Mobotap. You can download this for HTC, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, LG and other Android smart phones. It is available in the mobile in Google play store, it has many features like voice, gesture control and sharing options.


These are the top browsers for the Android devices and also acts as best browser for Android tablets. Hope so that you people use these browsers and share this best internet browser for Android so that your friends may also use these for their quick accessing of Android Browsers. If you have queries feel free to comment!!!!!….. 

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