How to speed up your slow WiFi connection


Speed Up Slow WiFi connection

Now a days we are using many electronic devices like iPods, Tablets, laptops, mobiles etc to surf in the net, to download or mail a friend for all these we require the internet connection to work, and more over if we use a cable connection we can access either laptop or computer simply to say we can access only one device. To search for other alternative we can use the Wi-Fi connection but Wi-Fi is slower than the cable internet. To get fast speed WiFi we can download web browsers in mobile devices and computers. 


Techniques to speed up WiFi connection:

If you think that you have slow internet connection you can test your internet connection by clicking on the speed test in your lapi. Here are some of the techniques to improve WiFi speed.  


Router Position:

  • Place the router in an open area implies not in a self or closed box or under any closed object. 
  • Do not place the router near the cordless phones and Bluetooth devices. Compulsory avoid router near a microwave because it opposes WiFi signals.
  • Try in different locations in your home and find an optimal point that gives the high connectivity signal for long distance.
  • To cover more distance, you need to get a WiFi repeater that will cover largest area but the cost of device also repeats.
  • Keep the antenna in 90 degrees position so that we don’t get a poor signal. Don’t keep on bending the antenna or move it up and down repeatedly.
  • Check the router eco settings, keep the transmission power as high and authentication type is automatic.
  • Notify the router firm ware is up to date mainly when you have got a new router also expect the bandwidth to be high.

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This article gives the answer to your question “How to speed up your WiFi”. I tried this personally to speed up my internet to check this you can opt for WiFi speed test. So don’t think more, speed up your internet connection by these techniques. Share this post in social networking sites, if you like it!!!!!…..

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