What is Pximouse? Should You remove it?

Did you notice a pximouse.exe file running in the background when you opened the Task Manager? If yes, then the very first thought that struck your mind must be, what is this file? It might look suspicious. Is Pximouse a virus? / Is Pximouse a keylogger? / Is it harmful to my PC? How to know and How can we get rid of it? For all these queries, you are going to get a perfect answer shared over below.

A lot of people are worried if Pximouse or TitlewheelMouse.exe is a virus? Is this dangerous? Does it steal all your data? People who see it simply say that it is a keylogger. Keylogger is considered a malicious or dangerous tool and it records every single thing which you have provided as input through the keyboard and can track your activities.


In simple terms, whatever you type on the keyboard like confidential information/ passwords/ any will be recorded by such a keylogger. In most cases, attackers do this to learn about your confidential data. Hence removing such malicious software has become significant today. So, if you are unaware of Pximouse, how to remove and what exactly it is, go through the below needful details now and get rid of it successfully.


What is Pximouse?

Pximouse what is it? Well, the very first thing you must know, Pximouse is not a virus. Pximouse or TitleWheelMouse is an application that takes the responsibility to track every single mouse and keyboard activity. It gets installed in your system when you have to plug in a new mouse. All of this works in the background. Hence no one gets aware of it.

what is pximouse.exe

Even though you never installed such applications on your PC, you will find this in the Taskbar. Disabling or deleting it has become significant today as a lot of users are getting in trouble due to it. It is also been noticed that it takes up a lot of CPU resources. Hence let’s start learning simple steps on how to get rid of it easily and what are misconceptions we get related to the PxiMouse startup.exe file.

Is Pximouse a virus? What are the Misconceptions You get?

Few people say Pximouse might have been installed while plugging in the new mouse. Few people say this app encountered in our system through Pixsart studio which is not sure. Hence let me clarify you the Pximouse is a Keylogger, a malicious software application that gets installed without undergoing your permission. But yes, there are chances of getting this through mouse drivers too.

As it never takes your permission before entering into the system, and as it records the keyboard and mouse activities, it is quite risky. This is why people are likely to remove or disable whenever they identify certain dangerous applications entered into the system. Are you thinking about how to remove or disable Pximouse from your system? If yes, without taking any stress, go through the below details now straightforwardly. So that you will able to remove it successfully from the system.

How to Disable Pximouse StartUp?

Pximouse or TitleWheelMouse.exe can be easily removed or disabled from Task Manager available at your PC. But how? Below are the certain steps that help you to get rid of such suspicious and malicious software applications successfully. Hence, as a result, let’s get into the instructions now without wasting our valuable time. Are you ready? If yes, here we go.

  • First and foremost, go to the menu and type task manager over there.
  • Press Enter key to go to the Task Manager.
  • Now, click on the “Startup” tab in the Task Manager window.

pximouse what is it

  • Try to look or find the Pximouse or TitlewheelMouse.exe file over there whether it is available or not.
  • If you identified it, then it’s time to right-click on it and select disable.
  • Finally, tap on the ok button to confirm.

This way you can easily disable or delete the Pximouse application successfully from your system. Very simple and easy right? Hence give it a try and get rid of such malicious files now successfully. This way you can disable this program from running in the background. But, what if you want to delete it completely?

How to Remove or Delete PxiMouse Permanently?

If you are concerned about your device and data security, then it is important to remove Pxi Mouse permanently if it keeps causing trouble. Hence to make it happen, there are certain steps that are shared below clearly.

Steps to Disable Pximouse In Windows Services

The first step to delete this virus is very simple. Just follow the below instructions now shared in a simple understandable language.

  • The very first, go to start-> type run as a command.
  • You will see a Run box on the screen. Type “services.msc” and press Enter.

How to Remove PxiMouse Permanently

  • Now right there, locate the Pximouse.exe file among the list.
  • Once it is identified, right-click on it, and select “Properties”.
  • In the Startup type option, select “Disabled”.

what is pximouse

  • Click on “OK” and save the changes.

Delete all Tasks encountered due to Pximouse.exe

In the second step, delete the files related to this keylogger in Task Scheduler. Now, follow the steps given below to get rid of Pximouse on your computer.

  • The very first, go to start-> type run as a command.
  • Now, type “taskschd.msc” in the box and press Enter.
  • The Windows Task Scheduler window will be opened.

should i delete pximouse.exe

  • From the left pane, click on “Task Scheduler Library”.
  • Go ahead and find all the files of this malicious keylogger.
  • Right-click on each file and delete it.

Steps to Delete Pximouse Registry files

The last step to permanently delete the Pximouse keylogger from your device is shared below.

  • Open the Run box again by navigating to the Start menu.
  • Type “regedit” and click on the “OK” button to open the Registry Editor.

is pximouse a virus

  • Find all the files related to the Pxi mouse and delete all of them.
  • Restart the computer. You have successfully deleted this malicious app from your device.

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Here we have shared the complete guide to the Windows Keylogger application called Pximouse.exe. This application is malicious software and is also noticed to be tracking personal data without permission. It is necessary to delete it from your device as soon as possible. Whether temporarily or permanently, we have shred both the methods to delete PXI Mouse here. We hope you found this article helpful. For more updated posts from GudTechTricks, stay tuned!

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