Firestick Walmart: How Much is Firestick at Walmart

The Firestick Walmart is one of the most versatile streaming sticks that provides you the many features that you’re surely in love with. Moreover, it serves as an all-in-one entertainment service that provides you to stream various movies, TV shows, many more and even you can add the channels. From your Firestick, you can also watch Netflix, Hulu, HBO max, and any other popular streaming content.

Walmart is one of the online famous stores the provides you to buy the various products that include shoes, electronics, gift and many more. As it is the popular mart means that it provides you the various products that they sell might not be worth as sometimes the product that shows might not be provided by the sellers.

Firestick Walmart

So, if would like to buy the amazon firestick at Walmart then this guide might be helpful for you before purchasing an item from them. Therefore, in this article before going to buy an Amazon firestick Walmart Online we will discuss the tips and that you need to keep in mind.


FireStick at Walmart

Keep reading this article as we will keep discussing the tips that you need to follow before buying the Firestick Walmart in online as you might do some mistakes to buy the Amazon firestick which arises doubts like should I buy the firestick from Walmart, Is the firestick is cheaper at Walmart, who sell the firestick at Walmart and many more.

firestick remote walmart

So keep continuing reading this article as we will discuss the tips what the things that you should keep noted to buy amazon fire stick Walmart or firestick remote Walmart online.

Is the Firestick Cheaper at Walmart?

As many of the buyers who want to buy the firestick at Walmart, might doubt as to if the firestick is cheaper at Walmart or not? As the firestick is not cheaper at all and even for the home delivery they charge extra. So, you may not get the amazon firestick for cheaper.

If you would like to buy the firestick at Walmart, then it costs more when compared to amazon and doesn’t provide you a warranty at all. This is one of the drawbacks and even you won’t get the product late when compared if you’re buying it from an authentic source. So, it is suggested to buy the product from Amazon instead of buying it from Walmart.

how much is firestick at walmart

Amazon firesticks come in two different models. Where each model sells at different prices and it also depends on the online store that you buy the product. when we talk about the 2-gen firestick, it comes at the cost of $39.99, which is the original model of the firestick. However, it is cheaper than its updated version but offers you the great performance that values its costs. It equal to the 4k in terms of the non-performance that is related to the capabilities.

When we talk about the latest version then there comes the Firestick 4k, which is the latest version of its predecessor, the 2nd-gen firestick, that costs about $49.99, which pretty good and comes with the great performance that values its money.

From Walmart can I buy the Amazon Firestick?

As if you doubt whether to buy the firestick at Walmart or not.  As Walmart doesn’t provide the authorized seller and as we discussed above, it is suggested not to buy the Amazon firestick from Walmart and even it doesn’t provide the warranty for the item. therefore it is not suggested to buy the firestick at Walmart.

This is the reason because you won’t even get the warranty from Amazon. If your product is get damaged and if it stops working then you won’t be able to claim it and can’t be repaired as there is no warranty for the firestick. The firestick Walmart provides you the standard version and may not provide you the 4k version.

Moreover, the firestick at Walmart might come with an internal storage of 8GB and has 1GB of DDR3 RAM which is not enough to run the heavy apps. However, there are no 4k movies or Dolby support available there and it provides you only to get the support of the 1080p resolution videos.

Who Sells the Firestick at Walmart?

As we discussed above that the firestick Walmart is a popular online store where many people can sell their products which is quite similar to an Amazon store, through which you able to buy the products from different sellers at different prices. Including the big brands and the products, thousands of sellers are selling their products.

As you may have the doubt does amazon sells the amazon firestick Walmart or not? Then the answer is No. This is because Amazon never sells its products to any or through any third-party sellers or even to Walmart.

firestick remote walmart

As amazon don’t sell their products to Walmart, so, the problem is that it is not guaranteed that you will the same product that you ordered. As it doesn’t give you any warranty, you may put into the risk due to the damaged product if any. This is because the warranty of the device is only for the authorized sellers that make it incompatible.

Best Online Store to Purchase the Firestick?

Then you might be wonder now, from where should I buy the firestick? As we came to know the reason on firestick Walmart behind buying the product from Walmart firestick. Don’t be panic in this situation, simply from the amazon store, you can directly buy the product Amazon firestick Online that provides you with the various benefits with the original products and will offer you the 1-year warranty.

amazon fire stick walmart

Even you have several options to buy the standard FireTVStick, 4K, Lite, and also Fire TV Cube where each product has its own benefits and its one specification. Moreover, if you have the prime subscription you won’t charge extra for the delivery that means there is free delivery for the product on the prime subscription of the product. And be aware that when you order the product like firestick walmart Amazon delivers the product faster when compared to the other online services out there.

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If you would like to buy the amazon firestick Walmart, then it better to purchase it from Amazon, and the product will come with several beneficiary services and a warranty. If you have any doubts feel free to text us at GudTechTricks and stay tuned for more updates.

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