How to Fix LG G4 Wont Turn ON


My lg g4 phone wont turn on

lg g4 not turning on: LG smartphones are emerging faster nowadays as these are one of the best products which are running in the market. Like the other smartphones Samsung, karbonn, motorola and Nexus these LG phones are also facing some issues like lg g4 wont turn on and some other lg g4 problems while messaging. Unfortunately if a device is not working properly then we will simply say that it is worthless. Many offers are also experiencing the problem like this the phone does not turn on or else it starts and strucks or else it starts and then shut downs automatically. 


If you are one among them who are facing the issues with your LG G4 phone, we are providing the solution to fix the issue my lg g4 phone wont turn on. Here in this case we are providing the error fix issues but in case if your phone is physically damaged or broken then you need to contact the seller. We are providing the software issues for LG G4 that lg g4 not turning on. You can follow the article carefully and make your device without any error fixes.

Fix: lg phone wont turn on

If Your lg g4 phone wont turn on or creates any issues then follow the below steps carefully to fix my lg phone wont turn on. Check the below mentioned steps.

  • First connect the charger to your device and wait for some time to make it stable. Use the original charger of LG G4. Then switch on your phone.
  • If your phone does not work then double check your charger and its internal pin. Make sure that the phone is not over heated. If your device is facing overheating issues then remove the battery and insert it again and switch on your device.



  • Also check that there is nothing like dirt or liquid in the battery which can also cause some issues with the phone.
  • Now if your lgg4 wont turn on by itself then select a forced restart option. For that present hold the power button till the phone turns on and then release the key.



  • Check that your device is running with the most recent software for that you can check it by using the software updates from the settings menu. 


Settings Menu >> Software Updates


  • You can also manually install the updates using this.



  • Even if you have the trouble then you can choose the hardware factory reset from an LG dealer. But hardware factory reset will erase everything on your phone and data will be lost completely.

lg phone wont turn on

If your lg g4 will not turn on then follow the below steps: 


Switch off your device, remove the battery and then insert it again. 


  • Press and hold the volume button and power key for a while.
  • Wait until the device turns on and then release the key.
  • Check for the android system recovery screen.
  • Press the volume down key to wipe data/factory reset.
  • Use the power key to select.
  • Scroll down again by pressing the volume down key.
  • Select yes and press the power button.
  • Data will be wiped.
  • Press the power key to reboot.
Ensure that your phone has showing all the data perfectly if not once again do the manual process and check for the data. Before going to this process ensure that the device is not damaged. In case if you have a damaged piece then the lg dealers wont accept for the replacement of device and your issue of  my lg g4 wont turn on will not be solved by them. Also see the issue regarding unfortunately touchwiz home has stopped.


By Following the above process of lg phone wont turn on most of your device issues would be solved in case even if there is any error fix issues, feel free to contact us using the comment box below.


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