Why Hide ALL IP is Unique in its Segment?


Why Hide ALL IP is Unique in its Segment?

There is a growing trend among online users to use an IP-hiding software to protect their identity. More users now realize the importance of keeping their personal and professional data safe while also hiding their online activities. Hide ALL IP is a proven software that provides many more features beyond just hiding your IP address. You can connect to the internet using a fake IP address or from another country, bypass any restrictions in your region, keep your identity protected, and do much more with this software.

This review of Hide ALL IP checks on the different features of this software to explore what it can do.

1. Change Your Country


There are many countries where Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or other websites are blocked by the government. These are the most popular websites in the world and everyone wants to visit them and access and share information. Whichever site is blocked in your country, Hide ALL IP can connect you through a server in another country and allow you to access all websites.

It will never let your government to identify your system’s IP or detect which websites you are visiting.

2. Watch All Internet TV

There are many internet TV services that block their content in certain countries due to commercial reasons. Why not simply bypass this restriction and watch your favorite TV shows, movies and live events? Whether its BBC iPlayer or Hulu or whether you are in the UK or the US or in any other country, Hide ALL IP lets you watch them all.

3. Data Encryption

In a scenario where people are spending more time online and conducting a wide range of financial transactions online, you cannot do without a data encryption system. Hide ALL IP can even do that for you.

It can encrypt all the data transferred to and from your system using proven encryption standards:
RSA 2048

No matter whether your ISP or government or snoopers are monitoring your data transfers, they will never be able to get access to the data. Leave along the hackers, no snoopers will be able to decode what data you are sending and receiving.

4. Torrent Safely

In a post-torrent-crackdown world, Hide ALL IP is one software that lets you torrent safely without any worries. You can torrent worry-free without any risk of giving away your identity.

These are the basic functions that Hide ALL IP can do for you. There are many more advanced features too. It also prevents any DNS tracking/faking. The software also supports all games and applications.

How Does Hide ALL IP Work?

Hide ALL IP works using the following steps. Even when it uses this complex process using secure servers it has located in different countries, all you have to do is to click the connect button and not worry about the underlying processes. 



  • It will connect to its secure servers using HTTP/TCP tunnel
  • It catches network transfer data based on your system settings. The data is then redirected through remote server access Internet
  • You will be browsing the web using a fake IP address. Your real IP address is never revealed, to anybody.
  • It enables safe-browse mode and you will not have to worry that anyone can learn about your online activities in any way – not even through browser history or cookies.



Advanced Features

Preventing WebRTC IP Leaks

Do you know that the sophisticated technology that WebRTC is, it can be used for identifying your IP even if you are already using a VPN. But Hide ALL IP is much more powerful than your VPN, as it provides a safe WebRTC work mode.

It will hide all your public Internet IPs and prevent leakage.

Supports UDP-based Applications



Hide ALL IP is different from other similar software programs in that it also supports UDP-based applications. Others are restricted to supporting only TCP. You can play all your favorite games and also select video player applications. It also supports HTTP tunnel. In fact, Hide ALL IP also has a portable version so that you can run it even on removable storage media.

Hide ALL IP is simply the best software out there that does everything for you from hiding your IP address to encrypting your data to keeping you safe online all the time. Don’t worry about anyone tracking your online activities. And you can access all websites and applications without any restrictions you can free download this software from here.

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