Make Calls using Gmail Account


      How to Make Calls Using Gmail

Gmail is the best email service in the world which is trending now. Because of its amazing features its on the top list now. Among all the features of Gmail, Calling also one of the best feature which many of us don’t know. This feature of gmail allows us to make national and international calls. Google has introduced this feature to call any mobile or even a landline using their Gmail account. Hope that this feature is the best to make free calls and here’s the simple guide for how to make calls online using gmail.


Gmail online calling is secured and even cheap too. To get this feature some of the requirements are needed that are listed out here.
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-Headphone with Mic
-Google voice plugin
-Good internet browser.

How to make calls using gmail

If you are interested to make calls online using your gmail account the follow step by step process:
—–>Sign in to your Gmail account in the Gmail webpage, if you don’t have an account create new and proceed.


—–>Download the Google voice plugin which will be shown in the dial box. Download the voice plugin and install on your browser.


—–>Once you login to your account click on the call phone button,which will be in phone icon under the More text.


—–>Once the installation is completed you need to select the country which you want to call.
—–>Type the mobile number to whom you want to call and finally click on the blue call button.

Hope that you have successfully got how to make online calls using gmail account. If you have any queries regarding this post feel free to comment !!!!!!……

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