How To Record Calls On Google Voice


       Record Phone Calls in Google Voice:

Google Voice is the amazing service by Google Inc. Which services the people to make calls at lowest rates. It offers low rates to make an international and domestic calls Online. Some people wants to record the call for some purpose. So today i am here to teach you a tutorial on ” How to record calls on Google voice”.


You may need to record your call some times for showing an proof to some one. Here i will explain the way to record the Google Voice Call.Recording a call on your Google Voice account is very simple and easy process. It takes around few seconds to setup it. So with out wasting the time lets start the tutorial.

Steps to Record the Google Voice calls: 

If you want to record the Google voice calls on your account then simple follow the procedure.
  • First you need to sign-in to your Google Voice Account.
  • Now click on Gear icon below your Profile pic and then select the Settings Option.
  • Now click on Calls tab in settings option.
  • Now Check on the Enable Recording box as shown in the figure.

  • Then when ever some one call you or you call them, press key to start recording and press 4 key to end the recording.
  • Now if you want to check the your call recordings then click on Recordings Option from the left hand side menu.
  • That’s It. You have Done!!!

You have successfully setup the record option in your Google Voice Account.

I hope that this tutorial will help you to “Record the Google Voice call on your Google account“. Mean while share the post with your friends and like us.If you are facing any problem regarding the tutorial, let us know. We will resolve the problem.

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