How to root one plus one smartphone


     Root One Plus One Mobile and Install custom recovery

One Plus one is one of the best smartphones in the 2015 which was designed with the Android 5.0 lollipop version and its amazing features has made it to be one of the top mobiles. In order to ensure the installation of ROM, tweaks, modes etc the device should be rooted. Once the device is rooted you can enjoy with the lots of features, you can unlock boot loader, recover the device and many more even you can install the oxygen OS with the root. As the oxygen os is faster and easier than Android 5.0 lollipop, many of the users have been shifting to the oxygen os. To install this operating system, the device should be rooted first. So here’s a simple guide to root one plus one device.


Note: Take the back up of your mobile. Unlocking will wipe all the data including apps, settings, internal memory.

One Plus One Guide to Root

Follow the below step by step process for one plus one unlock and rooting one plus one.

Unlock Boot loader one plus one

Step 1: First step is to download the ADB and fast boot file from here.


Step 2: Once the download is finished, extract the folder on your desktop. Now switch off your mobile and then boot it into fast boot mode by using the volume up button. (Press volume + button continuously).
Step 3: Now your mobile displays “fast boot” on your screen indicating that you have successfully entered fast boot mode.
Step 4: Connect your mobile to pc with the USB and open a command window on the ADB folder. Now press and hold empty space of folder and select on “open command window here“. 


Step 5: Now enter the below command on Windows
Fast boot devices
It will list out the connected devices, if your mobile serial number is displayed you can continue, if it’s not displayed then it indicates that your drivers are not successfully installed.
Step 6: Now unlock the boot loader with the command:
Fast boot oem unlock
Step 7: After unlocking run the reboot command.
Fast boot reboot
Your device will reboot and may take a few minutes to complete. Once finished adjust the below settings on your mobile.
To enable USB debugging
Go to settings>>About phone>>select on build number 7 times. This enables the developer options. Now again go back to settings>>developer options>>Enable usb debugging.
To disable CM Recovery protection
Go to settings>>developer options>> disable “update recovery with system updates”.
That’s it close the command window and continue the below process.

Install TWRP on one plus one device

Step 1: First step is to download the latest TWRP recovery from here.


Step 2: Once the download has finished save the recovery file as recovery.img and move the img file on to your ADB folder which is on your desktop.


Step 3: Switch off your mobile and boot it in the fast boot mode by using volume + button.
Step 4: Open the command window and run the following below commands.
Fast boot flash recovery recovery.img
Once the flash has completed reboot the phone using reboot command as
Fast boot reboot
That’s it your mobile is rebooted and TWRP is installed. Continue the next process.

Root one plus one

Step 1: First step is to download the super su zip file from here and copy the file on your mobile using USB.


Step 2: Now boot your mobile in the recovery mode using the volume + button, now it shows main screen.
Step 3: Go to install>>browse for su zip and select it. Now conform the installation by a swipe and then reboot.
Thats it you device is successfully rooted.
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Hope that you have successfully got how to root one plus one smartphone with out any errors, if you have any queries regarding this post feel free to comment!!!!!….

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