How To Factory Reset and Wipe an Xbox 360

Xbox 360 is one of the popular gaming consoles around the world that are used by millions of people. However, to use the Xbox and access its features you should have to create an account. But sometimes you need to have a fresh start if you having technical problems or if you are sharing the console with your friends. even for Xbox for security purposes, you have to reset your password regularly and even some would like to factory reset Xbox 360.

If you would like to factory reset your Xbox, be aware that it deletes your data that associates with the console. This includes all your game files, accounts, settings, and achievements. But before resetting the Xbox, you can store all data files to the cloud if you sync the console with the Xbox Live that works when connected to the network. Therefore, before starting th reset, make sure that you are online.

factory reset xbox 360

If you would like to factory reset Xbox 360, then in this article we will provide you the steps to hard reset the box 360. Therefore, by following the given simple steps you can reset Xbox 360 to its default settings.


How to Factory Reset Xbox 360?

If you would like o to reset your box 360, in this article we will guide you on how to reset Xbox 360 to factory settings. So keep continuing to read this article till the end as it helps you to perform the factory reset Xbox 360.

  • Make sure you have turned on your device as well as TV, to begin the process of the hard reset.
  • Now, head to the navigation bar and from the home screen head to the navigation bar and then select “System Settings”.

how to factory reset an xbox 360

  • You should have to select the “System Info” on the next screen.

how to reset xbox 360 to factory settings

  • Next, we have to write the serial number of the Xbox 360. Simply take the screenshots as you will need them later.
  • Then, press the B button twice using the controller.
  • Now, we will be back to the “System Settings”.
  • At this point, you have to select the “Memory” and press the “Y” button on the controller. Now, the “device Options” menu will be shown up.
  • From this menu, you have to select “Format”.

how to factory reset xbox 360 without turning it on

  • Now, from the Xbox, you will be asked to delete all the content, once the menu comes up. Then, you have to select “Yes” to remove all the content on your Xbox360.

how to factory reset xbox 360 without password

  • You will be asked to enter the serial number before the content is deleted.

The above methods help you to perform the hard reset on your Xbox360. So, do perform the steps as mentioned so that you could successfully reset it without any errors. You can also fix if xbox party chat not working properly.

After Resetting how to Restore the My profile onto the New Xbox360?

After hard resetting the Xbox360, all your data will be deleted from the Xbox, then you might think about how to restore my profile on the Xbox360. Then to restore your Profile onto the new Xbox360, follow the given below steps.

  • First, into one of the USB ports you have to plug your USB Flash Drive on the front of the Console.
  • Now, select the store from the “System Settings”.

how to factory reset an xbox 360

  • Then you have to select the “Hard Drive”.

how to factory reset xbox 360 without controller

  • To bring up the “Device” options screen, Press on the “Y” button.
  • Next, select the “Transfer Content”.
  • Now, select your “USB Storage Device”.

how to factory reset xbox 360 without hard drive

  • Then. Select the “Start” button.

This is the process that helps you to restore your profile into the New Xbox360, that you have performed the factory reset.

How to reset the Passwords on Xbox360?

IF you have forgotten your Xbox password, then you can easily reset it using your Smartphone, Tablet, and Computer. To do so Follow the given below steps as we described.

  • On your open the browser, and visit the following site “” to reset your password.
  • After this, you will be head to the “recovery account page”. Now, in the username text field, enter your Phone number, email or skype and then click on the “Next” button.
  • On your mobile or your email, you will receive the code, similar to an Xbox console.
  • Now, forgetting the security code, click on the “Get Code”.
  • Then, on the next screen enter the code and go for next.
  • In the end, it asks you to enter the new password that you want. Now, enter the “New Password”.

How to reset the Passkey on Xbox360?

If you would like to reset the passkey on the Xbox360, then you have to try the given below steps to do so.

  • On the Xboxone console, enter the Xbox button.
  • From the right to the select settings, press on the “System Option”.
  • After selecting the “Account” option, click on the Sign-in, security, and passkey.
  • Then you have to choose to create the “my passkey” option. on your console with the Xboxone you have to enter the “Six-digit” passkey.
  • Now, head to the Change my sign-in and the security preferences option and then choose to ask for “my password”.
  • To sign in for the digital purchases, type the six-digit password.

The above mentioned are the ways to reset the passwords on your Xbox, that you use to recover your Microsoft email passwords. Through the Xbox or PC, if you have changed your Microsoft account password, then all the Microsoft-related services will be automatically updating the passkeys that are linked to the account.  Make sure that your user passwords are easy to remember and you would not forget them later.


Before performing the factory reset Xbox 360, you have to be aware that it deletes all your files and the associates from the console, which might include all your games, accounts, settings, and achievements. But if you sync your console with Xbox Live, you can store it in the cloud which works when connected to the network. Hope the above steps help you to how to factory reset an Xbox 360 on your device, for more information visit our GudTechTricks website.

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