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Android 4.4.4 KitKat updates

Android 4.4.4 kikat Updates: Android 4.4.4 or kitkat 4.4.4 is a mobile operating system for android update os smartphones which is based on the Linux. This Android kitkat is actually designed for the touch screen Smartphones, tablets, iPads etc, this os of android is now trending a lot. Android has also introduced Android T.V and Android smart watches or wrist watches. It is very popular with the technology implemented by it with low cost, ready made hitech improvements.

Android os introduced the games with many features in it and this had begun with the versions as Android 1.0 as Alpha to Android 4.3 as Jellybean and now the new Android version 4.4.4 kitkat is updated. As the versions of android keep on upgrading, we need to update them as per their concern, so for the latest version of 4.4.4 here we are providing the updates for its installation.

android 4.4.4 kitkat updates
The simple process a user need to do is to download the update and install to their smartphone, now for that process a simple guide is must because android kitkat versions cannot be easily updated. So follow this article completely for the kitkat update.

Comparison with Other Android Versions

Here in this article we will completely describe about the process of how to update your mobile from android any version like android 4.1.2 or android 4.1.1 to android 4.4.4 updates. Its a upgrade version of android kitkat. Once you update your device it will makes changes as it appears like android 4.4.4 versions. All these are safe to use and upgrade your mobile to 4.4.4, now you can download many new apps and games which are not supported to 4.4.1 and 4.4.2 jellybean.
You can upgrade to android newer version. This android version is supported to all the new games and apps. Once an update has been downloaded it has some simple steps which are needed to be done for perfect installation. Check some steps are to be necessarily done to upgrade to 4.4.4 version.
There will not be any problem to your smartphone even you can change to the previous version also, after updating you can also revert the changes to your previous operating system by selecting the revert option. Like if you have update your android 4.4.2 version to android 4.4.4 version and you are in case not interested then you can again regain to your previous android kitkat 4.4.2 version.

Many of the users have tried it got succeeded, you will also get the update once you perform it correctly. But you need to follow each step carefully and do the installation update. Once a update has received it will simply increase the speed of your device also, so perform the installation correctly and update your mobile to 4.4.4 version.

Android Kitkat Version Features

There’s a lot of change with the other versions of Android, like of the previous versions, for each and every version of android, its going to introduce many new features in it and the new update of kitkat 4.4.4 is too good, this android update has many new features, each feature of this android os makes us to feel good and more interesting. Each feature is designed to give a new update in android. So this android 4.4.4 is introduced with the best features in it.


Features of android kitkat

Some of the features of it are listed below, you can have a glance on it and enjoy:
  • Many of the google applications are not supported to all the android versions, so this android  update increases the chance of usage of all the  apps. Upgraded to Android 4.4.4 has Updated to new versions of Google apps. Many of the new apps can be installed on it with out any issue, this kitkat 4.4.4 will support all the running apps and does good without any issues.
  • Added Clear Image and gives new (colder) calibration for the screen, so that the appearance changes and the display look of the mobile appears good as the clarity of the phone will be best. What ever may be the phone its clarity is must, so the display is very important. In this 4.4.4 display will be good as its resolution is high.
  • Sensor prevents the activation of off-screen gestures while device is in your pocket, other wise if the screen is pressed or touched there may be a chance of outgoing call without permission. But the touch of sensor works good, and is a simple good touch, which makes the mobile nice and have a great look.
  • Capacitive touch keys are supported in the recovery mode which are useful to update a new version. As when updating the new version the keypad does not work do the touch keys helps a lot in android update download.

Other Features of kitkat 4.4.4

  • Increased capacitive button illumination with Improved overall stability for this android version 4.4.4. This version has the better stability to over come all those. So with this implementation, android 4.4.4 has ought to get more priority than android 4.4.2, and it has the better stability than the previous versions of android.
  • Fixed lock screen exists so that there’s no updating of the track information during music playback. This is the best to do with the android 4.4.4, as does not keep on updating any thing.
  • Fixed microphone volume is there for all formats in the Voice Recorder application, which makes you easy to listen and hear all the things in this android version. In this versions of android, this kitkat 4.4.2 and 4.4.3 have this best microphone volume.
  • Fixed “OK, Google” not triggering voice search in Google now latest updated. Its the best feature to know about a particular thing on google. It can show all the maps, places, restaurants and many other things related to it. Almost all the things mentioned in google are presented in this OK Google. This is the top feature of android os download.
  • Battery percent is not updating in custom lock screens so that battery discharging can be saved. So the mobile charging remains long. This is the major plus in the android kitkat versions.
  • Fixed Camera “O” gesture activating lock screen instead of triggering camera. Thats helps in improving the picture clarity. So the picture quality will be too good. Based on the camera clarity the picture or image quality is too high to be designed. This android kit kat os is designed with the best camera ‘O’ gesture.

Steps to install or update Android kitkat 4.4.4

Here is the step by step process to install or update the android operating system from android any version to android 4.4.4 versions. You can change your mobile operating system and upgrade it to the newer version of android, with the installation of this android updater does not make any defect changes to your device infact it makes the device perfect and makes you to upgrade for newer games. For that update here is the step by step process to install the android os 4.4.4 guide.

  • First you need to Download the Android kitkat v4.4.4 int0  your PC. For free download the zip file click here on the below button.
  • As the file size is long it may take several minutes to download. Check your internet connection once before you download.
  • Connect your mobile to the PC. Please check whether you have installed the usb software to PC or not. If not install it and then proceed.
  • Place Android v4.4.4 kitkat zip file into the phone memory or SD card memory. Better to copy and paste the file into the card slot memory.
  • After copying turn off the device and disconnect the mobile from PC or computer. Wait until all the files get transferred don not  disconnect suddenly in mean while process. Now you need to do the process on your smartphone.

Recover Mode In Android Kitkat

Select the RECOVERY MODE in your mobile by pressing ‘volume up’, ‘home’ and ‘power’ buttons. Check on your device and start the process, it will different for each smartphone. Check on your smartphone settings and do the process, don’t do any mistakes over here.

  • After choosing the RECOVERY MODE, clear the phone memory by selecting Data/Factory reset.
  • Clear the memory by using volume and power buttons in recovery mode to navigate. Simply press your side volume buttons, it will navigate automatically and you can observe it on your screen.
  • Then go to the screen select SD card and install the Zip file. After the installation process is completed, just restart your mobile, to complete the process. The software update will start and it upgrades well.
It takes some some to complete the update then comes your phone with android kitkat 4.4.4 or android 4.4.4. If in any case you did not like the 4.4.4 update you can even revert your changes to your previous version of android like android  4.4.2 etc. With this version you can also downgrade from android lollipop to android kitkat for that just download the file move on to your pc and then follow the same procedure. As the lollipop update of android is not too good. More disadvantages are arising with the android lollipop 5.0, so if you want to use this android 4.4.4 version you can downgrade from here. This is applicable for all android smartphones of kitkat 4.4 or android 4.4.
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As a result, you have got this perfect android os upgrade zip file on how to update android. This file is of large MB so it takes some time to complete the download. Many of the users have already updated their smartphones using this apk kitkat file and its 100% working. So you can also try this upgrading your android kitkat mobile. This has updated many of the smartphones with the new android os download, this android os update has been given in this article for android 4.4.4 kitkat updates.
This android updater is the newer or former version of android 4.2.2 and android 4. But this android 4.2.2 does not support some apps, for that an update is required, so kitkat has released 4.4.4 update.

Download and install android 4.4.4 on your device, once you download the update and install it on your mobile then its operating system changes and the apps will be supported to it, you can then check the newer games and apps that will be applicable on your devices.

Final Result

Obviously with the latest android os you will get the latest games and apps, this the android updater file which is applicable for the android 4, android 4.o, android 4.2.2 and other versions of android. From this android updater you can update you mobile os to newer version of android.

Finally you have got how to update android with this android updater 4.4.4, once you complete the installation automatically your device with show the newer android version now the android 7.0 download is also available for free, you even update to this nougat version. If you like this post share it in social networking sites like facebook, youtube, orkut, twitter, reddit etc. Feel Free to comment on this post if you have any queries, this is the latest android 4.4.4 os update for android mobiles!!!!!…..

Frequently Asked Questions for android 4.4.4 kitkat updates:

  1. Is Updating Android 4.4.4 will make any changes to device.

No, download android kitkat on device will not make any changes, this is simply upgrading the os, only os changes but before that you need to take some measures to prevent data loss.

2. Will My installed apps will gets erased?

No if you download kitkat original apk file then no apps will be uninstalled, but if you install  duplicate file then obviously it make hell lot of changes.

3.  Is android 4.2.2 better or android 4.4.4?

Obviously the newer operating system one will be the better one, because the newer os will provide you lot of games and apps. This kitkat version 4.4.4 will be good than the android 4.4.2 download.

4. Is android 4.4 download and android 4.4.4 is same?

No android 4.4 kitkat download is different from the android update 4.4.4, there are many versions of android kitkat 4.4 download in the latest version of 4.4.4.

Android 4.4.4 kitkat updates Sync issue

If you have installed the android 4.4.4 version of kitkat and in case if you get the sync issues after the installation you can follow the steps provided below to solve the errors while installing the newer version of kitkat.

  • Remove all the installed apps in the device.
  • Select a gmail account in order to sync the contacts with your device.
  • Now add the gmail account on your mobile.
  • Export all the contacts from your smartphone in a file.
  • Now install the apk file.
  • Once completed, import all the contacts to your device.
  • This will clear off all the issues that are occurring.


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