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     Free video editing apps for Android

Android Kit Kat version devices are the best for their camera and video quality. Many of the smartphone users use the audio and video recording features. Irrespective of this recording, we need to edit the videos to show it to someone or to share with the friends in the social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter. Suppose if you are shooting a video and because of shaking the camera or unnecessary disturbances arises then you will wish to cut that part of video which is elegant. So to crop or cut a video, the video editing apps are used which would help us to show our video in a more interested way. 


There are many apps for the Android, ios, tablets to make fun but if there is any real use of an app, it will be under the paid version. Similarly for the good video editing apps, they are available for paid and free versions. Now am going to describe you the free video editing app which are best used for Android smartphones. Through these few best video editing apps, you can edit the videos on the way you record them.


Magisto is a web application and mobile app that provides automatic video editing services. It simply solves the problem of typical video editing and does with less time in one click. It’s the best automatic video editing app. This Magisto app video editing software for Android is available here. 


—–>It is easy to use and has many controls that are utilized. Takes less time to convert a video into a movie.
—–>This Android video editing app has lots of graphics, effects, insertion of music, different styles of themes etc.
—–>Magisto video editing apps is automatic pc based convertion platform. Awesome styles can be applied to it which can convert a video to different events like Christmas style, birthday style etc.

Viva video

Viva is the video editing apps for Android which records the favourite clips and makes it into a beautiful movie by using a android smartphone. This viva video editor is top notch and allows you to use the special effects as voice overs. This video editing app android also converts the video to short length. This viva video editing software for Android is available here. 

—–>New video PIP maker makes more interesting and creative videos with funny capture mode.
—–>It’s the first video editing Android that supports multi capture modes like normal, fast motion, slow motion, FX video etc. Built with 60 cool live videos available for free download.
—–>Merges the clips with different templates provides professional editing modes for pro users. Single video multi trimmer is enabled. Highlights the videos with music and live dubbing.

AndroVid video editor

AndroVid video editor is one of the best video editing apps for Android, it merges the clips and splits the clips with different variations. In this you can add text, music, video effects for a better view of your video. In this app it is not necessary to capture the video for a high smartphone camera, it will also accept the low quality videos and turns them to a good video. This AndroVid video editing software for Android is available here.

—–>In this trim, merge, split is done and transcodes the video, simply add music, adds text and applies effects with video frames.
—–>Shares the videos and converts to many audio and video formats. Even the audio files can also be replaced.
—–>It converts the large videos to small clips based on the time settings.

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Hope that now you got how to download the best video editing apps for Android smartphones. If you think rather than these any of the video editing apps are best comment below!!!!!…..

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  1. So I am in need of a photo editor for some winter pictures I took while I was on vacation in a mountain this winter, a friend told me to try, he told me its free and online, but I am not sure, can anyone recommend another photo editor ?

  2. Hi tonislav, for photo editing you can use VSCO Cam and Snapseed. If you wont get these simply comment me i will send it to you..


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