How to transfer contacts and applications from Android to IPhone


Transferring Data from Android to IPhone

IPhone is a line of smartphones which are designed by the Apple, it uses IOS mobile operating system. The most recent iphone models are IPhone 6 and IPhone 6 plus which are user interface, multi-touch screen with virtual keyboard. Apple has released 8 generations of IPhone models till now which are one of the top most mobiles in world today. 


There are many Android users who have now opted for IPhone 6 or IPhone 6 plus. Some of them had many queries of how to transfer the information from android phone to iPhone 6. This article gives the clear information about the transfer of data that is the easiest method of transferring the information. 

What type of data can be transferred:

Many thoughts arises if we say transfer of data, but phone to phone data is possible via Bluetooth, Infrared and many apps but Bluetooth is not there in IPhones. Some of the data is listed below which can be transferred from android to IPhones check it out.
  • Apps(supported by IOS)
  • Pictures (photos)
  • Videos
  • Audio files(music)
  • Contacts
  • Messages


The above 6 are the very prime things which are basically required in your new phone. So learn how to transfer videos and audio files to a new mobile.

How to transfer contacts and data from android to iPhone:

Here is the simple guide for the Android users who have brought new IPhone 6 or 6 plus.
  • First step you need to do is download “Mobile Transfer” to your computer (Windows and Mac). Download the trial version, the paid is also existing.



  • Download this version and click on the install button and press finish to complete installation.
  • Once the installation process is completed connect the Android phone and IPhone at a time to the computer and check whether both phones are detected or not.
  • After that launch the downloaded mobile transfer software which you have installed and when the software gets opened you will see a window where both the devices gets connected in boxes of source and destinations.
  • In source box select Android phone and in destination box select the IPhone.



  • Check the positions of mobiles and if in case its reverse then click on flip which changes its positions.
  • After this, you will notice a box between both mobiles which will ask you to select and deselect some options.
  • After selection and deselection click on “start Copy”. Then it will show a window and wait until the completion of copy.


  • At last click on completed button then your transfer of data will be finished. 

Hope that now you know how to transfer contacts and applications from android to iPhone. IF you like this post share it in social networking sites. Feel free to comment!!!!!…..

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