The Time For Technology Resellers To Expand Is Now

In an era where the vast majority of communication is done over the internet, the global population relies on staying connected via the cloud now more than ever before. Whether people are interacting with work colleagues on the job remotely or catching up with friends and family, the cloud is in constant use. That being said, the IT infrastructure that makes this possible is often created from imported technologies. Say Facebook requires updated software, so it can continue successful transmission in India, it is likely to order the existing parts from Northern America rather than try to manufacture them locally.

Those in the business of reselling technologies can find many financial opportunities by hunting for these types of clients internationally, particularly when local demand is drying up. The problem is, getting that important piece of equipment to Facebook in India can be a more arduous process than anticipated, especially for those unfamiliar with making these types of cross-border transactions on the regular.

Technology Resellers

Even if someone on staff has logistical expertise, they can find compiling all the important documentation daunting. Each country has their own highly specific rules and regulations regarding what must accompany a shipment; these can include anything from a commercial invoice, to a freight delivery waybill, to other licences, permits and certifications. One small mistake can delay the process significantly resulting in additional fees and unhappy clients overseas — so make sure your importer IT equipment gets through customs by partnering with an importer of record that understands the international supply chain and all of its vagaries.

Thankfully, those looking to break into the international reselling business can partner with highly skilled importers of record to move each shipment efficiently and compliantly, regardless how big or small the package. Companies like TecEx for example guarantee compliant clearance of technologies within ten days of accepting a reseller’s quote. They then take responsibility for the goods once they enter the receiving country and ensure they arrive at the proper destination, thanks to on-the-ground teams that liaise with the hired freight service or forwarder picking up the goods.

Additionally, TecEx only charges the landed-cost quote, so resellers can rest assured that the cost won’t change even if there are alterations made to the receiving countries customs laws. Another financial benefit this importer provides is tax recovery, including a value-added tax refund from over 40 of the 136 countries with which they hold a point of presence in as little as six months. Very few global distributions partners are able to provide this extent of service in such a short period of time. Finally, TecEx offers access to a convenient online portal that allows resellers to follow their shipment from one clearance stage to the next — and should there be any concerns, users are always able to connect with their dedicated client services representative.

With a trusted importer of record doing the legwork, resellers doing business internationally for the first time can free themselves from many of the major pain points associated with shipping controlled-use goods like technologies to foreign countries, including much of the stress and worry. By allowing an expert to navigate through customs on their behalf, they can focus their energies on the activities they do best.

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