How To Fix Sim Not Provisioned mm#2 Error

What does Sim not provisioned mm#2 mean? SIM has not provisioned means if there is a problem connecting it from Sim card carrier Network, then the iOS or Android gives an alarm that your sim’s card is not provisioned. Moreover, if your Sim card is new, then the reason might be it is not registered or activated by your carrier provider.

Have you ever received a notification that your Sim is not provision? This is not a problem to be worried about, it simply means that your Sim card is not established a connection with your mobile network. So, in this article, we will discuss how to sort this error notification.

sim not provisioned mm#2

This error is not rare but encounters when you swap out the Sim cards, and the error arises “Sim card not provisioned” or the “Sim card not provisioned mm#2”. Here we will discuss who to resolve the issue sim not provisioned comes with an easy fix.


Why does the “sim not provisioned” Error Occur?

As the SIM card means Subcrider’s Identity Module, it means it contains some important information to identify the subscriber account with the database of the mobile network providers. Sim enables your Mobile to enable with the Mobile Network and links your Identity to the IMEI number of your mobile phone.

With an Emergency Call option, this error message is displayed on your Phone. what does sim not provisioned mm#2 mean or Sim not provisioned mean that your Sim card is not active or could be activated on your Mobile Network. If this error on your device then it doesn’t allow you to make calls on our from your Mobile.

Now, we will discuss are the reasons that encounter the error sim not provisioned mm#2 mean or sim not provisioned mm#2 att on your device. Let us know the reasons listed below.

  • This error encounters when your SIM is suspended from the Network.
  • When you have replaced the old SIM with the new One.
  • When you misplaced the Sim in the SIM tray.
  • Replacing the new mobile with the new SIM.
  • When the server of your mobile network is out of service.
  • If you’re using the SIM lock on your mobile, which encounters the error sim not provisioned.

If you’re using the Dual Sim on your Device then the error message will be shown up with the SIM card number with which the error is valid, you will get the error message like SIM1 is not provisioned or SIM2 is not provisioned. These are the reasons that allow you to get a sim not provisioned mm#2 error on your device.

How to Fix “SIM not Provisioned” Error?

As there different reasons that occur the error sim not provisioned mm#2 on your phone let us discuss how to sort the error by following the troubleshooting methods given below.

SIM Card may not be activated

If you encountered the error “sim not provisioned” on your mobile phone then the first thing you need to check if your Sim card is activated or not. Varied from network to network, a sim card will be activated within a specific time.

The Sim card, not provision error is not encountered when you have activated the SIM card. If the SIM card is provisioned as per the limit of the activation or network provider if your network is not activated then contact the customer service and ask them to activate.

Restart Your Phone

At most times, restarting your Mobile may help you to resolve the error. Most of the time it helps you to recover from the sort of error that the mobile phone encounters.  While for a while after properly restarting your mobile to complete the boot process and the network identification process.

what does sim not provisioned mm#2 mean

Once your Mobile phone is completed its boot process, check if the error is still encountering in your device or not, by check if your sim is registered with the network. once it is registered, you may not receive the error messages anymore.

Properly Insert the SIM card

Improper insertion of the SIM card may also cause the error “sim not provisioned” on your mobile. Check if you have inserted the Simcard properly in its tray on your device and it causes to encounter a network issue with the sim card, which may cause the “sim not provisioned mm#2” on your device.

sim not provisioned mm#2 att

This error occurs due to the improper link of the sim plate with the SIM tray connection points. First, clean the chip contact phase before inserting the SIM in to tray, and check if the SIM is seated well.  If you inserted the SIM properly then check if the issue is resolved.

Failure of Network Operator’s Server

Due to the Failure of the Network Operature server, sometimes the SIM card activation delay occurs.  Contact customer service on the failure of the server. On the successful running of the server, let them resolve it and your SIM card will be activated.

If the SIM is activated, check if the error sim not provisioned mm#2 is resolved or not. If the error persists, follow the below method to do so and I ensure that replacement of SIM will surely resolve the issue sim not provisioned.

Get a New SIM Card

Even after trying the above troubleshooting methods, but still the error persists. then this the only solution to fix the error sim not provisioned mm#2 on your device. We can assure you that the problem is with your SIM Card. The best solution is to replace the SIM card with the new one.

After replacing the SIM Card with a new one, wait until it activates and checks if the SIM issue sim not provisioned mm#2 is resolved.

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The above troubleshooting methods help you to resolve the issue sim not provisioned mm#2 or the sim not provisioned on your device for more information visit GudTechTricks. Hope you find this article helpful and if you have doubts regarding this feel free to text us in the comment section and stay tuned for more updates.

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