Rush Hour 4 Release Date, Cast (Everything You Need to Know)

Many more were quite in an exciting mood and they were very much expecting to listen to Rush Hour 4 Release Date. If you are one among them, make sure you go through the below details now. Before that did you have ever seen or watch Rush hour released decades ago. An amazing film that has been achieved a high success rate everywhere. Not just the single generation, the movie has entertained even other generations too without getting fail. The store narrated in the entire film is like wow.

Thus it totally showcases the wonderful chemistry run between the two Jackie chan and Chris tucker. Recently if you check the news feed they shared that Rush hour 4 is all going to be a perfect American adventure, action-oriented, crime, cinematography, story, comedy, and thriller too. Isn’t wow? Arthur Sarkissian is the producer of the film. It is considered as 4th series or sequel coming all through. That means the first movie you can see it has been released in the year 1998.

Rush Hour 4 Release Date

Whereas 2nd Sequel got released in the year 2001. Thus 3rd sequel got introduced in the year 2007. Hence in no time, as per the recent feeds, people were curiously waiting for sequel 4 and looking forward to learning about the Rush Hour 4 Release Date. If your fan of this sequel, here is the good news. Go through the below details to learn the cast, Rush hour 4 plot, and the none other Rush Hour 4 release date, and many more in simple words.


Rush Hour 4 Release Date

As discussed the first series got released in the year 1998, 2nd sequel has got introduced after 3 years in 2001. Whereas  3rd sequel is seen released after 6 years in the year 2007. Now the time has arrived to learn the complete details related to Rush Hour 4 Release Date.

chris tucker rush hour

Here is the good news for all the Rush Hour movie fans. You may expect the Rush hour 4 release date by the end of 2021 Or it would be a summer release say in the year 2022. Because the production of Rush Hour 4 is all set and good to go.

Rush Hour 4 Cast and Crew

One of the members is Jackie Chan. He was actually not showing so interest in playing a character or role Lee. But he says he would think about it if the script narrated is good. And the other member is Chris Tucker who is playing the role of James Carter. As per the reports these members were not yet confirmed. But still, they are looking forward to making it happen strongly.

jackie chan and chris tucker

Let’s hope for the best and see whether they were in or no once after the release. Besides this, there is also one more person Tzi Ma who is likely to play the role of  Ambassador Solon Han. Whoever has seen the Rush Hour sequel released in previous decades, the person Tzi Ma is well-known. Because Tzi Ma is seen in both 1 st and 3rd sequels. But the only disappointing news is we are not going to see Brett Ratner who is the director of the entire movie due to some personal issues.

Anyhow the cast and crew details were clearly shared below. If you like to learn the same, go through the below information now.

rush hour 4 release date 2022

Direction Department – Brett Ratner

Producers – Roger Birnbaum, Arthur M. Sarkissian, Jonathan Glickman, Robert Birnbaum, Jay Stern and Michael Poryes.

ScreenPlay – Jim Kouf and Ross LaManna, Ross LaManna.

Main Characters – Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker

Music – Lalo Schifrin, Ira Hearshen, Mark Mothersbaugh, and Nile Rodgers

These are the members or groups of people who work hard to bring a final output excellently.

Can We Expect or Look the Same Production in Rush Hour 4 Sequel?

Usually, we have seen the first three sequels were directed by the one and only person Brett Ratner. Even this 4th sequel is also expected by the same person. Even though there are various issues/ allegations over him, Warner Bros announced that we are going to see the 4th Sequel directed by Brett Ratner who is co-financing with the famous RatPac-Dune Entertainment.

Rush Hour 4 Plot

For the last 6 years, the script is turning around but still not yet confirmed. But in the last few days ago the Chain has explained the script and it was accepted.  Might be in the upcoming days the second draft may get ready. However, the good news is going to listen very soon. But the only point is plot details were not yet updated. Maybe within a less amount of time, it might get released. Let us hope the same.

chris tucker & jackie chan

Rush Hour 4 Trailor: Is It Available? 

Probably many people were showcasing so much of eager to view Rush Hour 4 footage or simply called as a video. But unfortunately, there is no video or footage available. So, the expected release date is also not yet confirmed. Nevertheless, we see and look forward to updating you with the most latest and genuine details.


As we went through the news feed, states that the director of the film Brett Ratner is not likely to get back with the 4 th sequel of Rush Hour. The reason behind it is as he is going through some allegations, might not return in terms of Sequel 4. But the good news is it is going to arrive very soon. However, we can take a chance and expect it either by the end of 2021 or mid-summer of 2022. The entire work has been started and running successfully. So, let us also hope to see our favorite sequel as soon as possible. To learn more interesting facts like this, stay connected with the gudtechtricks without a second thought.

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