Army of Thieves Release Date,Cast,Plot and Story Details

Army of Thieves Release Date is we all know, right? It is completely a big hit for Netflix. While the Army of thieves Release Date is none other than earlier 2021. It is directed by the famous person Matthias Schweighofer. In simple, this is the second prequel of Zack Snyder’s zombie franchise, which is in the end set off as an animated series namely Army of the Dead-Lost Vegas.

The entire story is starring one of the breakout characters known for Ludwig Dieter. Thus the entire story showcases how Ludwig Dieter has become the master safecracker and displays the few earlier days related to zombie breakout. Not just Ludwig Dieter is going to be present as an active person, also includes the persons who are quite furious and fast enough none other Mobeen’s Guz Khan and Nathalie Emmanuel.

Army of Thieves Release Date

However, the first trailer is introduced in the month of July. It is approached by the entire cast and crew achieving a great hit. Anyhow if you like to know or looking forward to knowing the significant details of the Army of thieves release date, here is the good news. Because they were shared just below in simple and understandable language.


Army of Thieves Release Date

Well, there are no particulars has been provided. But yet to learn Army of thieves release date, might or may not be released on Netflix. As per the recent feeds or updated news, we might expect the same in the Quarter of 2021. Somehow maybe around in the month of November 2021 or December 2021.

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As of May 2021, the producer announced saying the Army of thieves has been reached the post-production phase. Hence Netflix is all set to announce its date. Let’s take a chance and wait for a while to watch or enjoy the prequel going to be very much soon updated on Netflix. Also know about the Rush Hour 4 Release Date and its cast.

Army of Thieves Cast

The following are the cast and crew of the movie Army of thieves. Let’s get into the details shared below. So, are you excited to learn? If yes, here we start.

  • The Army of the Dead’s German safecracker is none other called for Matthias Schweighofer acting as the main role Ludwig Dieter.
  • For the female role, Nathalie Emmanuel is a co-star as Gwendoline.
  • Supporting characters Ruby O. Fee as Korina, Jonathan Cohen as Delacroix, Stuart Martin as Brad, Noémie Nakai as Beatrix, and Guz Khan as Rolph.

These are the overall cast who playing a predominant role in the movie Army of Thieves.

Army of Thieves Trailer

The Army of Thieves teaser has been introduced in the year 2021 and in the month of July. Before this, Zack Snyder introduced two amazing posters that suggest prequel having fewer Zombies compared with the Army of the Dead. In the same panel, the third poster also introduced exploring the details related to the trailer/ simply called a movie teaser.

What is the Army of Thieves Plot

The two persons Zack Snyder and Deborah Snyder said that the Army of Thieves is quite romantic and comedy too. Overall it is the beginning of the Zombies. This is basically compared with the iconic 2003 film so-called the Italian job and concluded as a wonderful opportunity.

Also, they state that zombies will appear but at the start only. Not focussed more over it. The star Matthias Schweighofer who is playing a predominant role Ludwig Dieter will be summarizing the role instead of taking directory duties. At the time of April month, Zack Snyder determined saying the film showcases how Ludwig Dieter fell in love and was also obsessed with the cracking safes.

Another side, Nathalie Emmanuel who plays the role of Gwendoline (mysterious woman) recruits Ludwig Dieter and allows him to join her heist team. Joining so will create a comedy environment.

Army of Thieves Story Specifications

Well, the Army of thieves usually starts once after initiating the zombie outbreak. As per Deborah Snyder, the movie is featured a very less amount of zombies. Alternatively, focuses on Ludwig Dieter’s team members who make an attempt in capitalizing on the financial instability of USA bank which is left in the wake of the Las Vegas incident.

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Hence they also state that the Army of Thieves Story is completely romantic and comedy too. AS a result, all the viewers going to learn more and interesting facts about Schweighofer’s safe-cracker who embarked promising relationship with Gwendoline.


Well, it is clear that the Army of thieves going to be released in the year 2021. As it has been already reached the post-production process, you can hear the release date soon. Anyhow these are the complete details that explain the cast and crew, release date, trailer, plot, and many more interesting facts that were shared above. In order to learn various other interesting tutorials, visit gudtechtricks and make yourself updated with the current news feeds.

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