Use Multiple Facebook Accounts on Android


Multiple Facebook Accounts

Facebook is one of the top social networking site which is trending now a days. Many users are attracted towards the facebook and they require the usage of two accounts for both the professional and personal life in fact its also safe to use. But if you are in this way then to use two accounts at a time will be difficult, if you are opting for a laptop or PC, on another browser you can surf but for the mobile users it becomes typical, so there’s a question of how to use two accounts of facebook on mobile, don’t worry we are here to guide you with the simple trick of facebook download for mobile free. So before doing that in order to login to facebook you need to create a fb account for that you need to visit log in or First create a account in this social networking site facebook and then follow this article for the multiple facebook accounts. This is the best method to use the multiple accounts of fb.


Actually there is no any special feature designed in the facebook mobile app which allows to use two accounts, but a third party app is used that will let you to login in with another facebook account as login sign up

Step by step process to use multiple facebook accounts

Multiple facebook accounts can be now used on any smartphones with the help of app. Mainly for the android smartphones, developers have established the “FriendCaster” app as a third party app to manage multiple facebook accounts. So here’s the guide to use multiple accounts. 
—–>First step is to download the Friendcaster app on your smartphone. For free download apk friendcaster app click here. 


This facebook apk download free is also available on google play store.
—–>Now after downloading double click on the Exe file and install it. Once the installation is completed open the app. 
—–>Sign in to your facebook app using the friendcaster and check the settings of your app. Select the app for all access.
—–>Now the facebook account which you have used will be your first account. Further to add another account go to App Preferences and then click on Add account. Now you will be able to add more accounts. 


—–>Login with your second account details and allow to all access same as the previous account. Now you have added two facebook accounts. 


—–>Further to switch between the multiple accounts use the app preferences and enjoy the surfing. 
Hope that now you have got how to use multiple facebook accounts on android 4.4 device or any android device. If you have any queries regarding this post feel free to comment!!!!!…..
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