Best Free Forex App For Android And iPhone

Forex trading is a huge market, where people make a fortune and impressive income out of the Forex trading. The business entirely depends on how quick you are at responding and outsmart others in the trading. It isn’t an easy task to keep an eye on the market while you are busy taking care of the other business. 


There are plenty of websites, who are providing vital information and updates on the trading market but a quick look isn’t possible all the time. For those who want to track News and Reviews should consider downloading the latest DailyForex Android app.



DailyForex Android App Review 

The app is totally free, but it plays AD Banners in the middle of the tabs, but it isn’t that bad at all. There are few options which you should be looking at, and if you are a user of DailyForex website, then you should be familiar with features and options which the Android app is equipped with.

It’s important that you should know what you are supposed to expect from an Android and iPhone app by DailyForex. There are several features, which makes the app premium, and let’s take a quick look at the functions and features of the app.

Quick Look At The Features 

  • Signals.
  • Tech Analysis.
  • Forex Articles.
  • Forex News.
  • Trading Tools.
  • Fundamental Analysis & Trading tools.
  • Forex Forecast.
  • (Charts, Indicators included).
If you are a DailyForex website user, then you would know that most of the features are available on the site. If you are new to the Android app, then there are few changes in the interface, which you should learn and we will guide you through.

DailyForex Functions

  • Signals or Forex Signals: In the forex community, there is no place for those who take a step lately. If you are a newbie, who is trying to make a name and income out of it, then you should focus on the Signals because you can get advice, which is essential for improving your trading skills.


    • Tech Analysis or Technical Analysis: If you want to get the best ROI then you should try the Tech Analysis, which helps you forecast the Oil, Trades, Gold, Nikkei. And more. You don’t have to be an expert to master the functions. If you spend few hours on the app, then it will become an easier task for you.



    • Forex News: What is the best to keep an eye on the Forex Industry? The answer is in the form of an Android app. You will receive the latest information about the forex trading, which helps you scale your business.



    • Forex Alerts: If you click on the EXPAND MENU on the top corner then you can find ALERTS, which will help you to a track of current operations.



    • Trading Tools: If you expand the MENU from the TOP CORNER then you can find the Trading Tools options, which cannot be explained unless you try it yourself.



    • Top Brokers: There’s always someone, who is better than you in every industry and you can learn plenty of things from them if you can track their movements and contact them directly. In this case, you can use the options and check the Top Brokers on Forex Trading.



    • Articles: If you are a newbie, who has started recently then you need guidance and knowledge that can help you take things to the next level. You can get a first-hand look at the expert advice that can add value to your efforts, and some of the advice can trigger an idea that can be your money making machine method.



To access most of the services, you have to register with the DailyForex, which offers a free account for starters.

Conclusion: DailyForex website is serving their users since 2006, and they have faced almost all challenges which involve in the forex trading and they have successfully crossed that path. The innovative minds are adding features and options that improve your business. Frequent updates will ensure you are using a popular app. We would like to know your views on DailyForex, let us know in the comments.

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