6 Fitness Apps That Are Revolutionizing the Health Sector

Maintaining fitness rests on discipline and consistency in order to achieve a certain goal that you set up for yourself. Following a routine is an essential part in this process of a healthy lifestyle.

In this age of digitalization, fitness apps are your companions that offer you help in trying to lose extra weight and exercise consistently by pushing yourself through various routines available. We have listed down 6 fitness apps that are trending worldwide as they meet a range of health and fitness needs.

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Some of them focus on workout alone, while others also offer meal plans in your bid to eat healthy foods. Check out these apps that are available on both android and iOS platforms.



Sworkit is a fitness app that guides you with video workouts for your specific needs that can be done at home. It provides useful guidelines for strength training, yoga, Pilates, cardio and flexibility exercises. With a selection of programs like, “July Challenge”, “October Challenge”, Better for Beginners” and “Advanced Workouts” it makes it easy for you to customize your exercises. The workouts are basically a playlist of exercises that you can compile from a plethora of exercises available. Each exercise comes with a preview with rest breaks at frequent intervals. It allows the user to choose the duration of workout which is great especially for those who have a busy schedule and have a limited amount of time for workout.


One of the most popular fitness apps today, MyFitnessPal helps you to keep up with your nutrition as you maintain an online diary of your calorie intake. It has a vast database of about 3 million different kinds of foods. Initially you will be required to fill up your height, weight, age and lifestyle along with the amount of weight you would like to shed over a period of time. The app sets goal in terms of calorie intake in order to reach the target weight. It also keeps track of your exercises and connects you to other apps and tracks your progress as you can enter your activity whether it is a run, walk, gym or weights.

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Noom Coach

An app designed to help you lose weight, Noom works on a behavioural approach leading your body to build healthier habits. It assigns you fitness coaches that help you in achieving the target that you set for yourself. The app’s interface is simplistic as everyday’s tasks are lined up including logging your meals, weight and exercise hours. It updates the users on nutritional benefits and quizzes them as it discusses the psychological factors of weight loss. One of its important features is that it asks you to rate your motivation on a scale from 1 to 5. Through this app you are actually working with other people as you can exchange conversation with your coach or get into group chats where you can catch up on others’ experiences and questions.

In case you are confused about which fitness app is best for you, check out comparison of Noom Coach and MyFitnessPal on Total Shape.


Aaptiv is an audio-centric fitness app that guides its users in their training and workout. The app gives its users access to about 2500 workout lessons which are conducted by professional trainers over audio. There are various categories to choose from including running, rowing, yoga, strength training, stretching, and race training. Each workout is an audio track in which a trainer gives instructions, shares tips and encourages the users throughout the routine. Going to a boutique class for workout can be both expensive and intimidating, but Aaptiv gives you a personalized experience of workout at a significantly lesser expense.



Strava is a popular fitness app for users that are into running and cycling and its competitive edge attracts many athletic enthusiasts. It hosts a variety of features for the users to accomplish their running or cycling goals as they keep track of their progress. The app links the users to join various groups and compete with other people if they are working out on the same route. You can select a group based on the purpose of your running. For instance, the marathon runners can network and have their own group and the cyclist can coordinate with other expert cyclists and share their feedback and tips. The app has got some interesting features like “the suffer score” which is based on the level of difficulty of workout and how much effort you exert; and “Beacon” that allows sharing of location with trusted members while you are doing an activity.


8fit is a complete fitness app in a sense that it looks into overall health fitness of users. Like other apps that concentrate on meal and fitness, 8fit asks the users to fill out some basic information like gender, height, weight, body type and your goals. It then sets a meal plan and monitors your fitness based on your exercise routine. A big difference in comparison to other apps is that the meal plans are not centered on the quickest way to drop weight but it focuses on the approach that is best for you in making you feel your healthiest self. The workouts are mostly bodyweight HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), which are very effective for fat loss. It also has yoga videos classes for premium users. Overall it is a good app for an average person looking to shed extra fat, get hooked on healthy meals and learn a few good habits along the way.

Fitness apps are your perfect companion in your bid in reaching/maintaining a desired health and lifestyle. Based on your activity/exercise and health need, make a choice and get onboard with millions reaping the benefits of these fitness apps.

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