How to download paid Android Apps for free


Android is one of the best platform apps designed for the smartphones. There are many top android apps which are very interesting and useful but some of the apps are meant for paid. Those paid apps are some times cheaper and some what costly you can see the appvn android apps for free download, from that you can get the paid apps for free. Depending on the app the cost changes, if we are interested to get such apps for free then you can follow the simple procedure for free download android apps. More over to download the simple app their is no way to pay huge bugs. In this article we are providing the simple tricks to download paid android apps for free.


This method shows you how to download android apps for free easily. Previously there were many ways to download a paid android app, in that most popular free android kitkat app is called Applanet which provides a paid app for free. But there was a major problem with this app, when we install applanet and get a paid app download like appvn apk, it shows that the file is either corrupt or bad. So because of this, it is not suggestable to download paid android apps for free. So here are some of the best methods to get the free paid android apps downloads.

Methods for free download android apps

File Sharing Sites

Many of the paid android apps which are available can be downloaded for free. Paid apps are uploaded by the android users who have downloaded by paying and they also share the apps to public. So when you pay an app you can also share it to the other who cannot afford. If you want to upload an app you can use some file sharing sites so that many users can get android apps free download.
The most popular file sharing sites are listed out here. In these many android users will upload the paid android apps.

Media fire
4 shared

Now if you visit one of those sites and you need a particular android app then type the app name followed by .apk which is android apps format. Once you type the name with .apk then the file appears there, now you can download the file and install on your smartphone. If you have downloaded the file on your pc then transfer it to your smartphone using Bluetooth or cable, that’s it now you will get android apps free download apk file, install and enjoy the app.

Using Blackmart Alpha

Black Mart Alpha is an app which is used to download the paid android app for free. In this app it contains many of the paid android apps which can be downloaded for free. All the apps are working while using blackmart.

  • first step is to download the blackmart alpha app from here.
  • Once you download the app install it on your android device.
  • Now open the blackmart app and check for the search box.
  • Type the required name of paid app to download, and click on the download button. Thats it, your paid app will be on your android device for free.

Methods to Get iOS Apps For Free:

To download the iOS Apps you can use vshare. Same for the android apps, this ios apps will also charge, then to overcome this and get the paid apps for free many of the users are using the VShare app. This app has all the paid apps available for free. 
You can get the vshare apk download for ios devices and get all the paid apps without any penny. The thing you need to do is to download the app vshare and install it on your ios devices. Once you have installed it you can open the app and get all the apps for free.

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Hope that you have got the free paid android apps on your device. You will get every paid app for free in android. Best paid android apps can be downloaded using these. No need to pay lots of bugs for an app, when they are available for free. If you have any other easy methods just share with us, but according to us we hope these are the good and easy way to download a paid app without any risk. If you have any queries regarding these paid apps lets us know…

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