How to download google chrome 64 bit for Windows 7/8


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World’s top most internet browser is Google chrome a fast search engine which is running with a peak level of chrome 32 bit version and in order to beat this, the Google has released the newer version of Google chrome which is finally a 64bit version. Actually the 32 bit of Google chrome is the best but with more speed and standardized stability, the Google has introduced the advanced version of chrome which is compatible for Windows 7/8.

Before launching the 64 bit stable Google chrome, the company has released a beta version of 64 bit chrome in order to check the compatibility, simply to say to test the version. It has been viewed by many developers and adopters, and later on they have been noticed that this new version was amazing and was never crashed while using. It is simply a fantastic achievement and even I just tried this version on my laptop, and I was surprised with its browsing speed. It was awesome with this fast web browser. Google chrome 64 bit download is easily available

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Features of 64 bit Google chrome:

  • The very first feature of it is, the 64 bit version of Google chrome is twice stable than 32 bit version with a better speed.
  • It even loads the high graphics or images with fastest speed, so that a website visible time can be reduced.
  • Different Codecs which are used in the high definition videos are improved so that the video loading time will be less.
  • Chrome 64 bit runs smoothly on Windows 7 and Windows 8 versions. so it can be easily accessible for chrome 64 bit windows.
  • Google chrome newer version is against the vulnerability which is having a effective defend system based on the memory layout.


Steps to download and install 64 bit Google chrome: 

  • First un install the previous version of Google chrome that is 32 bit so that the newer version can be installed perfectly.
  • Download the Google chrome stable 64 bit version from here. It is a free download google chrome for windows.



  • After downloading the file, go to the downloads and check for 64 bit chrome, double click on the downloaded file, then it will automatically start the installation process this is for free download google chrome set up.
  • Once the installation gets completed, run the Google chrome search engine and you will notice the smoother and fastest version of Google.
  • If you want to check this version has installed or not then go to “settings” click on “about”. Below the “get help with using chrome” you can see the version unknown-m (64 bit).




Google chrome 64 bit is fastest, smooth web browser, enjoy this newer versions. You can free download the google chrome.
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